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The MagaZine
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A Magazine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
So Much To Do ... So Much To See. In The City of Wonder !
"Amber Dawn" by Christian Riese Lassen
And for another quick mention ... for those who are not aware: "crazy busy" is one our most favorite terms. Many
good people are contributors to the Cool project. But Crazy Busy goes like this, the Editorial Director (Editor-at-
Work) has aired Totally Cool ... The TV Show ... on Manhattan Time Warner Cable every week for a full 10 years
(channel 34), plus there is The TC Magazine (you see it here), and then there is this - the whole Editorial internet
site, aside from another internet site of a Historical / Spiritual nature. And also there are other miscellaneous
projects that honor LIFE. We are sure you know what it is like to be "Crazy Busy." A fun statement.

Note: There will be a host of stories being posted for this issue until the last quarter of 2004 ends. They are there
to be enjoyed in whatever year or decade you are in. We hope you are happily Entertained. And we hope you
remember New York City, the Big Gotham, is as much your City as it is ours. A little part of everyone lives here, no
matter where you are in the World, no matter what culture you come from. To you all -- we have one thing to say
and one thing we send bigtime: Lots of Love and Best Wishes. Enjoy coming years and have lots and lots of
FUN !!!
Come on ! Get on board and Let's Take A Ride ...
Welcome To The BIG Gotham
The Journey Begins
And there are MANY Things To See !
Above are "The ROCKETTES." Featured during the Holiday Season
at Radio City Hall on 50th Street and 6th Avenue (the "Avenue of
the Americas"), in New York City. The Bike Taxis are there also.
photos by
Richard Renda
Jose Maria Sert's "Man of
Action" painted on the walls
of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
New York City ... The City
that will be there to serve
you well. Where are we ?

This is really --
the Underground.
Going somewhere.
We'll get to that soon.

Need Help ? We
can help you.

An Apple A Day ...
Someone may catch you waving
hello on the way to a Show !
New York City has some of the biggest movie screens and some of the biggest movies in the
whole world. Above is "The Polar Express" with Tom Hanks from BIG. For Big screens the Imax
Theater at 68th Street and Broadway is 80 feet tall.
And the Museums ... New York City has the finest of Museums. Especially as a Collective. They take what they
do (Preserving History) seriously. Above is the home of The Dinosaur: The American Museum of Natural History.
Watching Cool Ice Is ... An adventure in Fun ! Over looking the Ice Skating Rink in Rockefeller Center, between
49th and 50th Street just west of 5th Avenue. And they do not call New York City "The International City", or as we
call it "The City of the World", for nothing. New York City is International. It represents every culture, every race,
every religion. And a real New Yorker does not care so much about the incidental differences. A real New Yorker
only cares most about one thing. That you are: a "Human Being." In a place where you are meant to be you.
And ...
Past, Present,
and Future
History and
THE STORY OF: "A Token of Appreciation"

The Editorial Director continued. "Maybe. It is something that should happen. At the end of the last day,
when the fast breaks one gift should be given. But only one gift should be given in exchange. Do you know
what that Gift should be called ?"

The Editor-In-Chief interested in seeing where Richard was going with this asked: "Okay, what ?"

And he answered, "That one Gift should be called ... A Token of Appreciation." Maybe when your Special
holiday comes around you can do that. During that Special moment, give someone "A Token of
Appreciation." Imagine how you would make someone feel ? Imagine how you would feel ??? Universally,
This Is A Good Thing. A Good Thing around the World.

"I am allowed to dream" he said. "You never know. One day. Maybe. One day." The results are simple. It
puts more good back into the World. And, most importantly: it creates ... Good Memories.

Appreciate the World around you. And the world will Appreciate You.

To Whom it may concern -- (and that means ... You.)

During any Holiday Season there are many thoughts on your mind. Thoughts about family, friends, and the
inner self. You get busy on the inside. As always, we hope to make your days even more interesting and
take you on an unexpected Journey. Throughout this issue of The Magazine you will find the theme is about
ideas and being Creative. Which includes ideas of things you can buy. Each idea in this issue is meant to
be part of a story. So we should begin with ... a story. For that reason, we are taking a previous works
out from the files and posting it again. Because it makes the point best.

The Story of Giving and Caring.
The Editorial Director and the Editor-In-Chief were having a conversation about what direction this
presentation of the Magazine would go. The Editorial Director wanted it geared toward Gifts. He said: "Gifts
for the Holiday ! Gift ideas for all the holidays during the Holiday Season ... including Ramadan."

The Editor-In-Chief said, "You don't give gifts during Ramadan. It is a time of fasting."

The Editorial Director said, "Exactly !!! I know. But maybe ... just maybe."

When you view gifts or gift
ideas after the holiday season,
remember that Valentine's Day
is next -- aside from brithdays
and anniversaries to come.
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