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Richard Renda
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Jingle Bells
Jimmy Dean
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Stay Tuned - There Is
Much to be exposed to --
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
This is an interesting image. It is a huge Holiday Ornament in the front of a building across the
street from Radio City Music Hall. And when we say Huge ... we are talking BIG ! But what is
interesting is the image that is reflecting on the Christmas Tree Ornament itself. What you are
looking at are the lights and trees lit up that are along the sidestreet nearby.
Now to get a sense of the size proportion of this Christmas Tree Holiday Ornament look at the right side
of the image, in the background. See that full grow man ? You get the idea. Like we said ... BIG !
Imagine what a pile of those Holiday Christmas Ball Ornaments would look like on top of each other.
Really Big ! There is nothing like a New York experience. A happy holiday any time of the year.
The Star tree top that adorns the Christmas tree on the stairs of Saint Patrick's Cathedral. You are standing just south
of the center doors to the Church. The famed Cathedral is located on 5th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Street
Here is a side shot view of Saint Patrick's Cathedral. The Tree Top we were looking at immediately above is
from the evergreen tree that is shown here on the far far left. To get a proper perspective --
This young lady is making her wish as she turns around
and throws her penny into the Fountain for Good Luck.
Missing You. Look at the sign. The black dot is her penny.
When you are in New York City you can make a wish
anytime of the year. And it may come true. "Be careful
what you wish for." As they say, "You may just get it !"
Are those Christmas Tree Lights for sale in a store window ? Not really. And who said Santa has to be of any one
color or nationality ? If it is really Santa he would not even notice about what religion you are of. He would only care
about one thing. Who is ... Naughty or Nice.
BIG Gotham Adventure
New York City offers numerous ways
to get around the City. You can take
a bus, or the subway, or put your
hand up and hail a Taxi. And then
there is this: The Party Bike. The
Party Bike is like a bicycle built for
two -- except the Party Bike is built
for 7 people to ride and peddle.
Anthony will be your Tour Guide
on this journey.
Want to see the City ? Anthony will take you on a ride throughout the Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music
Hall area of midtown Manhattan. The ride is about 20 minutes long and cost $10 a person. Plus it is good
exercise. Because you will peddle. For more information about the Party Bike availability ...
4 GIrls, 2 Guys.
Maybe you will
meet the Dream
Person of your life.
Anything is possible.
R. Renda
A penny for your thoughts.
A penny for the Truth.
2 cents for a Heart. 41 cents.
Equals a lot of Truth and a lot
of Heart.
Go ahead -- Make A Wish.
Have your Dreams come true.
Captured Moment ... images by Richard Renda
Here is a mom and the family doing some shopping on
a cool night out. The girl on the right has a cold nose.
When Richard said something to her about it she
uncovered her nose to show her face with a Big Smile.
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