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ToTaLLy CoOL о
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Some people think people in New York City are all stuck up about fashion. Not so. Manhattan has millions
of people who live there and millions more who visit through all times of the year. If you want to get a gauge
on what is happening with fashion, trends, and the overall picture of peoples' tastes all you have to do is look
at the peoples in Manhattan. They have the tastes of many Nations and what will always be The Now. In
chillier times of the year although leather is a good look, the choice of the people is Puff or Fur (real and faux
furs). Warm puffy Down Jackets. Some looser and bulky. Others fitted tight and close to the body.
Headwear optional. That is Curtis on the Tambales.
Captured Live in The Heart of the BIG Gotham !!! The young lady in white had something to say to you all.
She said "Merry Christmas !"
The photographer is Frank Gordon, shooting for the NBC website. Not to be forgotten, had to take a picture of Frank.
BIG Gotham Adventure
Bringing You To The City
We are in the
Top left: Rhythms of Infinity
Christopher Cosma
Denise Amses
on page moments
by Richard Renda
Let's see where we are. Looking at the image above, at the very top
center white lights, that is the Angels in the outdoor Mall - their trumpets
raised. The peoples sitting are sitting inside, along the Rockefeller Center
Ice Skating Rink. And directly over their head (on the street) is the famed
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. We are dancing, having a party along
side the skating rink at The Sea Grill. See the statue outside through the
window ?
Now this is a good look. The Classic fringe Suede Jacket
which goes well with dress pants or a pair of crisp jeans.
But with the matching black shirt and Hat the
look becomes polished and more serious.
Wait wait wait ... everybody SMILE !
A portrait in New York.
This little guy as he was going down the street kept turned around all the time
for like 50 feet. He wanted to be part of what we were doing. So there you are.
A city of many Nations. In
the company of Angels.
Hey give me that camera !!! I'm going to be the photographer. Okay let me check the shot of the Tree.
We are all walking along the street on 50th, heading towards 5th Avenue. Can not let people go by without
preserving the moment at the Cross road. They smiled. And what does a smile do ? It makes you feel good.
You never know
who you might
meet. Happy
Holidays. Enjoy
the season and
the New Year.
Is that The Cat In The Hat ??? No man, it is Shrek. Don't you know that Dreamworks character Shrek ?
Now that is The Cat In The Hat from the Dr. Seuss children's books.
images by
Richard Renda
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