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Now for The Mac addict -- a Big Idea in a small package is The Apple MacIntosh "Powerbook" for picture
and video editing. The Mac computers are primary editing machines for many computer users because
they can operate both Imovie and Final Cut Pro video editing softwares. Comes also with a 17 inch screen.
Best to begin around $3000 here too.
Big Gift Ideas
before and after
the holidays
Big Gift Ideas can be in any variety of subjects. But what a Big Gift Idea is about is it's something that comes with a
lot of Heart or with much feeling. As in the example of the Disney Throw Blanket shown above. As a gift it is big in
size and when wrapped around a person's body ... it is Big in warmth. Yet it does not necessarily have to be big in
price tag. The Disney Stores which are at hand in many big cities around the World have many Big Ideas. Like a
Winnie the Pooh Bear that is three feet high when sitting on the floor. For a stuffed animal that is BIG !
Here is another big gift idea. Not because it is BIG in size. But because it is Big
in usefulness. If you have a still camera person or a video enthusiast on your
list they can always use a chic and rugged carrying case for their equipment.
And you will find this is a Big Gift Idea because what else it will be is Big in the
appreciation department. So the real message is that sometimes "size really
does not matter." It is all about the item given. These equipment cases are
from M Rock. Featured top left is: The Everglade and right is the Yellowstone
bag. M-Rock ranges in price from $20 to $60 and are available at many pro
photo supply stores or contact
Big Ideas in little packages --
This is the Sony "Anycast"
Station ... on location editor
server Live Content Producer.
It is a switcher that
can handle 6 video
cameras on location
at the same time. It
is an audio mixer, a
camera control for
Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom
video cameras,
Display Monitor,
Talkback Microphone
control, plus. Record
and broadcast live
across the web.
Sony GVD-1000 DV mini video walkman for viewing
of all your DV Mini digital video tapes and for
anywhere portability.
Now the 3 pieces above - the black bag, the armrest,
and the Sony HDRX-1 Hi Definition video handycam - are
separate items but they could be put together as one
package to make a complete unit for about $4000.
The world's first consumer 1080i high definition camcorder,
the Sony Handycam ® HDR-FX1. A revolution in form and
function. The HDR-FX1 allows you to play and record
interlaced high definition video at resolutions up to 1440 x
1080 for professional quality video with vivid colors and
striking detail. It even offers the ability to switch to standard
DV recording and playback as the situation warrants.
-- Switchable HDV / DV Format Recording
-- 12X Optical Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens
-- CineFrame™ Recording. Provides the option of
recording video at either 30 fps or with a feeling of
"film-like" 24 fps
-- Manual Zoom and Manual Focus Ring
-- and a 3.5" Wide Precision Hybrid SwivelScreen™
LCD Display1 (250K Pixels)
This is a big idea. But that is all it is because it appears
it can't be found. It is the 4.5 megapixel Polaroid x530
digital camera with the 3 layer Foveon X3 Chip. Priced
under $400 USD. The only problem is it seems the
only place where you may be able to get it is in the
United Kingdom.
Now to go with the great video gear -- a great laptop is a Big idea in a small package.
The faster and more powerful the PC machine is the easier to edit video anywhere.
Of course there are people who know Sony is a front runner in the world of Video.
Sony VGNA 290
1.70 Intel Processor
17" Screen
around $3000 USD
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