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A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
On the road of what
happens next ...
Be A Star.
When you are in New York City most people will treat you so well and be so nice you might even think you are
a Star. Because, in fact, you are. It is each person in New York City that makes it all that it is. Magic !
Big Apple Blooms by Aislinn Harrington
photo: Ken Rumments
The Big Apple Fest
in New York City
"The Broadway Apple" featured here by Apple Artist Debbie Brooks was sponsored by Michelob
Ultra. This Apple concept has a 3-D effect. As you can see Lady Liberty appears to step right
off the apple to have a fun night on Broadway. Actors and actresses from the various Broadway
Shows came and signed this Apple in hopes that when the apple gets auctioned it will bring in
some extra monies for the Big Apple Fest Charities. Nice thing they did, don't you think ?
The Big Scrapple by Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley
The House That Ruth Built by Charles Fazzino
A sleepytime "Clown's Dream" from Apple Artist David Humphrey
Inside "The House That Ruth Built."
photos on page by Kenneth Rumments
For this Apple the members of
the New York Yankees came to
the New York Apple Fest and
autographed the baseballs inside.
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