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Section 1:
outtakes and misc.
A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda - Editorial Director
The MagaZine
Gloves. Oooo Gloves, what a good thought. They come in real ... handy ... during the colder months. Featured here is the
thing that matters most: Quality. These items in hand are from Lambertson / Truex . Sold in fine department stores across
the United States and around the World. Photographs above on location by Lensperson Kenneth Rumments. "The World
According To Jess" - Jessica Albert Bags captured by Richard Renda
Before we move on let us take another quick look at the Laser Light Show held at Grand Central
Station in New York City to honor the first 100 years of the New York City Subway Transit system.
The laser light show was projected on the ceiling of the world renowned majestic Train Station depot.
Since we were in the Celestial
Department it is only natural
for us to stay on Track.
Looking up at the Stars from
inside Grand Central Station
in New York City merely takes
as much effort as it takes to
lift your head and look at the
ceiling. The home of one of
the World's largest indoor
Star Constellation and
astrological signs.
Very Last Minute
Want to get a kiss
anytime of year from
someone you love ?
That is easy. Right
click this image, do a
"save as", and print it
out in color.
When you see the person
you want to get a kiss from,
just walk up to that person
and hold this image over
their head and tell them --
according to Tradition they're
"required" to give you a kiss.
Some would
consider the
kiss is a
photographs by
Kenneth Rumments
To honor the Cenntenniel Celebration of the New York City subway system the MTA (Mass
Transit Authority) every half hour displayed a laser light show on the ceiling of Grand Central
Station. That moment, as time travels forward, will whisper away into eternity. Here we have
captured a few images to preserve what is ... your heritage and the heritage of your Ancestors.
Okay, now we're on the very last last minute and moments when you need to have a gift and just need some good ideas. It
could be a birthday or a holiday or even something to give after all the holidays are over, just because you love someone.
So let's try a few ideas. A woman can always use a good bag. If you are a male buying for a female do not go buy a cheap
knockoff from somewhere like down on Canal Street. Buy the real thing. Above are tote and clutch creations from "The
World According To Jess." Jessica Albert's hangbags are quality and fun. She has a bag that has a little dog's body on it
less the head and when you put a dog in the bag its head sticks out and makes the image on the bag complete. We did
say she was Fun ! www.WorldAccordingToJess.com
Jessica Albert's handbags are sold at Fred Segal in
L.A. and Nordstrom. If you are of the male gender
how are you going to know what is "in" bigtime and
what Bag the woman wants ? Top of the list are the
famed Louis Vuitton bags with the immediately
recognized "LV" logo. Then there is The Prada Bag.
The Prada Bag in a woman's world is known as "the
bag to die for." Both the Louis Vuitton bags and the
Prada bags are not inexpensive. However they are
known to keep "in" style year after year. Louis Vuitton
goods have been around for over a hundred years.
You could say that is: "year after year." What do you
get from a gift like this ? A lot of love baby, lot of love !
Congratulations goes out to Jewelry
Designer Gregg Wolf as his creations
become part of The Loreal History.
Also Gregg brought to mind another
idea. When you are short for time
and you need a gift or a little something
for yourself try a local craft person or
merchant. There are many treasures to
find when you are dealing with a
creative person.
As an example of local merchant, Gregg
Wolf would be a good one to choose.
Gregg has a little shop on East 9th
Street in Manhattan and has been
creating Fashion & Home Accessories
in The City for over twenty years. So we
called Gregg up and said if a person
wants to have the Bib & Choker Body
Jewelry for their own how much. As
shown in the Ad (left), those are made of
Bronze and cost about $5000 to do.
But if someone wants they could also
be done in Silver for about $6000. Then
we ask if someone let's say brought in
their own pair of boots and wanted to
have them high style accessorized. The
answer was a simple "yes." We see
that done on the boots below. Prices
vary. Gregg is in the phone book. So
be creative and see what your life can
become. Congrats to both Gregg Wolf
and Loreal: A Job well done.
Oh right, we did mention Jewelry
Designer Gregg Wolf also creates
accessories for the home; doorknobs,
drawer pull handles, decorative items
and the likes. Shown at left is the
carved silver Pizza Pie cutter. Cool.
Gregg Wolf Accessories
212 - 529 1784.
Jeans are another great
gift to get for someone.
There are some good
fitting jeans out there
from Gucci or Versace
to newcomer "7 For All
Mankind." Plus there
are the simple Classics
like Levi's, Calvin Klein,
Ralph Lauren. Or you
might want to get into a
new fit. Maybe a no
name jean. We can
solve that. Do you see
these Jeans to the left
and the right ? Like the
Fit ? Snug, tight to the
body. Looking Good !
Comfortable too. Well
guess what ? These
are "Anoname" Jeans.
That's right, that is
exactly what you are
looking at: ANONAME.
Anoname Jeans are
available at Macy's,
east to west coasts.
Anoname jeans retail for about $100. Quality Jeans with
an in-style name that will not break the bank for both Men
and Women. Want to keep any jeans you have looking
fresh and new for years ? Pick the favorite few pairs and
always: dry clean them.
bottom two laser pictures
captured by
Richard Renda
(the store)
This is a Lambertson / Truex handbag. Lambertson / Truex
is sold at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue,
and other fine department and specialty stores worldwide.
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