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A Magazine Alive
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The Book Mark
Books and Magazines can not only be educational,
they can also be entertaining. And a book is a great
Gift to give and a great idea anytime of the year.
Plus the book as a gift is easy to secure by just
making a stop in your local bookstore in whatever
City you may live or be visiting. On page we are
featuring "I'll Still Be Me" written by Tracey Pell
with illustrations by Jackson Quinn courtesy of our
friends up north at and

The reason we are featuring this Little Book is because
it has a message that can be understood by anyone
young or old. Feel good about yourself is what is said.
What if my house was in the clouds
not on the ground ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if my hair was straight not
curly ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if my bedroom was in the
bathroom ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if I had 10 cats instead
of 1 ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if I had 6 toes instead
of 5 ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if the grass was tall not
short ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if I wore my rainboots in
the sunshine ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if the sky was red not
blue ? I'd Still Be Me !
What if my dreams come
true ? I'd Still Be Me !
For the notsalgic music lover in your life that has a yearning to know about what happens
in the world of Rock 'n Roll-- John Cale has his book out that tells the tale of "The Velvet
Underground." The insights of an accomplished Musican. Available in bookstores.
Watch Out ! Super Super Model Heidi Klum has her book "Body of Knowledge" on the shelves. If you think
this is a book about Modeling basically it is not. It is more about her insight being in this world in these times.
And of course the book is filled with pictures of that forever sexy Heidi. I can tell you about Heidi firsthand. This
girl is more than just a Fashion Model and Icon. One of the sweetest girls in all the World. Professional and a
mountain of Fun. You are sure to have a good read. Available in bookstores in America and abroad.
Amy Fine Collins is a Freelance Writer and Journalist. She also works as a top Correspondent for Vanity Fair
Magazine. She holds three degrees in Art History and was a muse for Fashion Designer Great - Geoffrey
Beene. The God of Driving is her story of how she over came what is known to some as The Fear of Driving.
In effect it is about the many fears that come in life and the conquering of fear itself. In short, this book might
be considered a form of therapy. Check your local book store for availability. Published by Simon & Schuster.
Another fun and interesting book is
"Pagan Holiday." Just to give you a
sense of what was said about this
book, the fine print on the bottom of the
front cover reads "Perrottet is a nearly
unflappable traveler and a terrifically
funny writer, this history-cum-travelogue
is as enjoyable as it is informative and
twice as quirky", The Boston Globe.
Need we say more ?
Omens 101: How to Start a Journey.
And ... Timeless Rituals of the Road.
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