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Richard Renda
Known for their Storytime Holiday Windows year after year -- at the end of 2004 they did something different.
An Extra added attraction. Instead of their snowflakes remaining stationary on the front of the building every
hour they come alive with choreographed movement and syncopated music. Different colored snowflakes come
on at different moments. This sequence of images should give you the idea.

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Editorial Music Credit:
Peacelounge Records

Cartier Jewelers on 52nd Street and 5th Avenue in New York City. Every year during The Holiday
Season Cartier wraps the store up as a gift with a big red bow to look like this.
BIG Gotham Adventure
Bringing You To The City
Time To go shopping and get
some last minute any time gifts.
We are in midtown Manhattan. What better place to get some shopping ideas ? When you have little time or you are
on the go you would be wise to shop in a store that gives you a wide variety of goods. Whether fine jewelry to fancy a
woman's delight or shopping for the man. Above we see a Crown Jewel, a tiara fit for your queen. Actually that is not
what that is, well not exactly. Although, what you will find on the inside is that special jewel. The Crown is in fact not
to be worn on top of the head. It is ... to be walked under. That is the entrance to the World renowned jewelers of the
most exquisite quality. That is the doorway to Cartier Jewelers. There are many good stores that cater to the things
that men wear. Our selection of ties are from another well known store of quality. The ties are from Brooks Brothers.
On the street with
Richard Renda
The Tie Tree
Brooks Brothers
fine menswear.
When you get stuck for a last minute gift idea you can always find a quality department store in most major Cities.
There you can take your time and think about something for everybody. If you are on the Plaza in Rockefeller Center
that's easy, all you have to do is walk across the street and you are at Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store.
The white snowflakes come on with music filling a full block from street level to high in the air, the blue flakes
come on with a splash of white. It goes to rich blues and subtle whites. Then the building goes a bright white.
Once the building reaches a level of brilliant white -- All Of A SUDDEN all the lights go off. And
they pause in darkness. And then again suddenly it begins the dance of lighted snowflakes.
Images by ... Lensman Richard Renda.
In this sequence the columns are lit
in white and go across the building
lit right to left two columns at a time.
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