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Well It's About Time !
The Market Place in Union Square at 14th Street between Broadway and Madison Avenue.
Looking for what is Unique. The vendors at the Union Square Market come out on
Wednesdays, Weekends, and for special Holiday schedules.
Above photographs by Photographer Kenneth Rumments.
Advanced Technology Wall Clock. Dark brown wood
case. Ornamental 3-D dial. Westminster Bim Bam
quarter hour chime. Hourly Strikes. Nightime chime
silencer. Volumn control front speaker. $275.
If in New York City get
on a train and go
downtown, see Canal
Street -- walk along the
stores in Soho on
Broadway at Prince
Street and Broadway
around 8th Street, and
visit the outdoor Market
at Union Square. If you
are in any other city
or town anywhere
just go downtown
The Adventure
Go visit the stores or the market place
and introduce yourself to the merchants
working. They will be happy to have the
neighborhood business and to share
common interests. In a sense interacting
with the world that is around you is really
adding ... more goodwill.
And with every holiday
season or day that is
Special do the thing that is
most important. Create
you a happier person.
Wishing you all the best !!!
T. C. (a/k/a Richard)
photos captured by Ken Rumments
Olive Oil and Pasta. There is a gift few think about.
But a good virgin press olive oil is rarely forgotten.
Especially when dealing with a person who can cook.
This first press virgin oil is courtesy of O & Co.
Located in Grand Central Station in the Greybar
passage, New York City. Price ranges $16 to $20.
In the Kitchen, at home or in the office. As usual the
people at Philips are making life simpler. Below is
the Philips "Senseo" One Cup Coffee Maker.
The Coffee lover's delight. No need to use excess coffee
when you only want or need to make 1 or 2 cups of coffee.
Get the best out of the bean. Try a Gourmet coffee idea.
The Philips Senseo Single Serve Coffee brewing
system comes in 3 colors; white, black, and navy
blue. For more info go to
Norelco, known for their smooth close shave, now has
an electric "Cool Skin" lotion dispensing razor that
allows a man to have a moisturizer while he shaves.
Philips products for living. For the person who
wants to have the latest toys and the Grandest
experiences this is a must listen.
Wireless stereo noise canceling Headphones with
Theater quality surround sound and two headphone
system hook-up. priced under $500.
Instead of featuring time watch pieces like pocket watches or wrist watches, let's do something different in Time.
Being a fan of the Seiko watch company because they are reasonably priced, reliable instruments, and have a
sense of sophistcated Style ... we turned to the Seiko people for some input. In Time this is what we found.
Cutting Edge Gifts ...
The Ambilight Television
Experience. Philips enlightens
the personal Television viewing
experience with it's full line of
32 inch, 37 inch, 42 inch, and
50 inch Ambilight Flat TVs, a
technology that in real-time
analyzes incoming television
signals and then produces
background lighting that
matches the images displayed
on the screen. "Ambilight"
technology is the result of
detailed consumer insights into
how people watch television at
home. Ambilight TV is available
in three LCD based and two
plasma based Flat screen

World Traveler -- for those watching the world
as time goes round. 25 different time zones.
The World Clock at left has a Jet at the end of
the second hand. Puts new meaning into the
phrase ... "Time Flies !" $180.
A feel of the Ancients in Time. The Clock In A Pyramid.
Skeleton dial with sub-second hand. Operates on one
"AA" battery. $200.
"Melodies in Motion" -- on the hour the clock plays one of
six Hi-Fi melodies plus an opening and ending melody;
Memory, The Phantom of the Opera, I Could Have Danced
All Night, America, The Sound of Music, and Tonight.
Brown buried pattern case. 10 colorful sparkling LED lights.
Light sensor. Volume control. Glass crystal. Pendulum
with two Swarovski crystals. Electronic easy set feature.
On / Off switch. Dimensions: 23" x 12 7/8" x 5 1/5. $495.

Quiet Sweep
World Clock.
Seiko is sold everywhere around the
world. For product information and
where to buy you can call Customer
Service at 1 800 782 2510
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