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Reaching out into Space.
Very Special Thanks to
Marsha S. Ivins, JSC-CB.
And To Everyone at
The NASA Space Center
The International Space Station
peering out upon the Heavenly clouds
of our Earth.
Reaching out
Love this image from the
International Space Station.
Look at the Flash Unit to the
camera. Floating In Space.
Courtesy of NASA. To get a
broader view of space and space
exploration spend some time at
NASA's site --
you will become Enlightened.
"One of the things you see
in this very low orbit, 250
miles only (considering the
moon is a quarter million
miles away from earth, we
are flying the shuttle and
the station only 250 miles
above the earth."
We are 250 miles in orbit above Earth.
"Mars is 46 million miles away at its
closest. The sun is 93 million miles away.
And those are the short distances
galactically speaking. And the insignificance
of our small existance in this universe we
don't have a language to comprehend. How
can we NOT need to know what's there !
Sure, there are technological benefits, there
are earned return on the dollar, there are
spinoffs applicable on earth. But nothing,
nothing touches the need to KNOW. We
can do this.
We just have to decide TO do
it. That's the message."
Dedicated to The Challenger and
Columbia Space Shuttles and
their crews.
This is the Hubble "zoom in" that Marsha was talking about on the previous page. Each dot is not a Star.
Each dot is a "Galaxy". With each Galaxy having many stars and solar systems within them, see below.
Explore and enjoy the Wonder
of discovery.
Is there anyone out there ??? If
we do not stop killing each other
and start looking we will never
know. The profits lost instead of
gained would be greater than any
person considered.

Left is an image from Space
dubbed "The Eye of GOd."
"Spread the message about the wonders and the potential and the spirit of
(the) exploration of space. That is and can be our only message", Marsha.
The astronauts spoke from the
heart, when asked simple
questions, like why DO we
explore, and where ARE we
going ? One line at the end says,
"we will continue to explore." It's
in our nature to explore.

Our Destiny Is To Continue

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