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An Artful Idea
There is a notion ... Art as a
Gift. This is an interesting idea
because when you think about it
you realize the range is without
limitation. Although, there are
people who may think of Art as a
picture in a Frame -- we do not.
We see it as being a quest for
the perfect satisfaction. Art can
be as simple as a warm framed
heartfelt photograph. It can be
a lifesize poster on a foamcore
board of something like Charlie
Chaplin or a contemporary oil
on canvas. Maybe even an old
rustic painting found in some
local antique shop. And it can
also be a 3-Dimensional
structure. Plus there are good
Art Shops that would be pleased
to make you happy. At left is
Christian Lasser's Varua Moana
This is a good example of a full service Art Shop. This is Galeria Art
& Framing in New York City for one. They have canvas transfer
prints starting at $100, limited edition hand signed lithographs $400
to $600, and Oil Paintings on canvas $3000 to $9000. Or they can
frame any works you need framing for.
Art is a great idea. We have featured Art from Grace Slick who has works that would be wonderful in a child's room. can help direct you to a Gallery that can get Grace's art to you. And here are a couple of
more pieces from Lassen Art. At left is "Day Dream Destination", right is Rock Musician Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.
"Self Esteem"
by Grace Slick
We said that Art can also be 3-D. What we mean by that is it includes Action Figures, Statues, or
even something simple as a Disney Snow Globe. This makes shopping for a gift more interesting
because it will put more dimension into your own experience. For those who have someone who
likes wild things below is the comic book character Purgatori Dark Alliance Figurine. The people at or or at the can help secure any
of the items below. If you have any questions talk to Andrew - email

For those who get a thrill flirting with Death - below is the Grim Reaper.
The Reaper, observer, chronicler . . . But to those in their last moments of life he is better known as
Death ! He's made many appearances in the pages of Lady Death comic books. And now his likeness
is the latest offering from Eternal Toys and Diamond Select Toys. The Reaper bust is a highly detailed
creation designed by master scupltor Sam Greenwell. It stands 6" tall and eerily stares out at you while
holding a hourglass waiting for the final moments of time to pass by. Comes in a custom box with a
certificate of authenticity. $40. Glow in the dark Reaper shown below right $50.
Lady Demon poster with art by Boris Vallejo. Truly
a supreme image of the demonic one. No wall
should dare be without one. Perfect for framing.
Lady Death & Purgatori Snow Globe $165. Two of
Chaos' most famous divas dueling it out. Detailed with
swirling bats inside it is 12" in height. By Moore Creations.

Nusza Art. Throughout her career NUSZA's works have adorned the most prestigious Hotels of St. Maarten
and been featured on dozens of consumer products that have stood the test of time. Her signature use of
vibrant colors in hundreds of paintings has solidified NUSZA as one of the premier artists of the Caribbean.

Even a Trading Card placed in a nice frame
makes for another wonderful gift idea. Poster
form mission store at
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