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Section 1:
Editorial Music Credit:
Sunny Day
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Now Take a Bite out of this
apple !!!
This apple is called "The Arts
In The Big Apple." The Big
Apple Artist is Mary

A great statement here, if put to
words, might say: "there are
many sides to a good apple."
What Mary did with this apple is
reflect on The Arts of the City.
As we walk around the apple
counter clockwise we see
Dancing, Comedy, Film, and Art.
The many wonders of the City.
photographs by
Kenneth Rumments
If You can not come to New
York City, then we will bring
the City to you. And we will
show it to you in a way that
few can do.

This is all about History. The events
that occur ... being documented.
Sometimes really unique things
happen in Life and then they are
gone so quickly people do not have
the opportunity to fully appreciate
what is. Here is a great example of
exactly that. NYC & Company and
Big Apple Fest in the 4th year of our
new millennium launched a project
that was meant to be fun, raise
money for children and the hungry,
while at the same time turning the
City into an Art Extravaganza. The
idea was that artists, architects,
fashion designers, and other
talented people from the creative
community would be given a choice
between a clear Plexiglas Apple or
an opaque Figerglass Apple and
they would have to create an Art
sculpture from that. The apples are
44" in diameter. When displayed
outside each apple is bolted to a
400 pound cement base.
Big Apple Bounce - Artist Tyler Bush
DKNY Be Delicious - Artist Donna Karan
The Big Apples that cropped up all over Manhattan
became eye candy for visitors and residents alike.
Some had messages. Some had skyscrapers.
Some were weird geometic objects of Art. And
some were just ideas come alive. Like a sleepytime
pillow inside a clear apple ... for one idea.
Once the apples began to appear on the street they kept cropping up more and more that it became a game
for some people. A game to see how many apples you can find. One evening we were walking west of the
theater district on a side street and there was an apple to surprise sitting in front of a cozy hotel.
Okay how did this Candy Apple get in here ??? A Dentist would have a
field day with you if you ate a candy apple that big. Well ... we did say
The Big Apples were eye candy for anyone who saw them. What, you
did not think we were serious ? This is that idea being literal.
"A Hundred Years and Growing" by Jessica Ellis is a Tribute to the New York City
Subway lines celebrating its 100 year history. From Coney island to Yankee Stadium.
This Apple is called "Cloisonne." The Apple Artist is: Ferebee.
This is "NY Skyline." The Artist
is Marina Tsesarskaya.
photo by Richard Renda
photographs on page by Kenneth Rumments.
Mondrian Apple by Roshan Houshmand
by Pauli Souminen
The Pink Ribbon Apple by Posoon Song. Avon.
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