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In the Northeast ... Stepping out into South of the Border ... Maracas Mexican Bar & Grill for something simple
exotic in your life. Pato A La Naranaja - pan seared breast of duck flavored with orange Tequila reduction. Ancho
Seared Tuna - fresh tuna chargrilled and served over a citrus, onions and tomato salad with nopales cactus.
Puerco de Chipotle - slow roasted pork tenderloin. Just some of the delights. That's Michael. He owns Maracas,
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... A Taste of Madison Avenue - 538 Madison Avenue at 54th Street ...
For the Caviar connection Caviar Russe not only has their Madison Avenue Dining, but if you
can not get to New York they will ship to most places.
Section 1:
For The Hungry
Now that we have worked up an appetite if you are visiting
or live in New York there are some cool digs that will hit the
spot. If you are underground at Rockefeller Center and
just want a quick munchie there is a Starbucks and the
Cafe alongside the skating rink. If above ground there
is -on top of the World- "The Rainbow Room" and "The
Rainbow Room Grill" with dining and dancing. For a little
spice in your life you should stop in at Marcas on 53rd
Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue and try (imagine this)
their Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with Crab meat ... ummm.
Featured above is the view from the Rainbow Room atop of
Rockfeller Center with dining and dancing 7 nights a week, and,
the Sea Grill at 19 West 49th Street serving lunch and dinner.
photo credit: top right and
Maracas by R. Renda
Here are some other Treasures found in Manhattan. Tuscan Square northern Italian dining is Chef Pino Luongo's
quaint and quiet hideaway that is in the heart of Midtown on 51st Street just west of 5th Avenue. Even when there
are ten thousand people on the street blocks away, you can still have a peaceful meal in a truly intimate setting.
Now this is a place to know about. And this is an Adventure ! An experience you will never forget during your whole
lifetime (unless you have totally lost your mind). Churrascaria is price fixed all you can eat dining. What happens is
they place a round disc on your table with one side being green and the other side red. When you do not want to be
disturbed because you are busy with the self-serve salad bar you turn the red side up. When you are ready to have
your choice of meats you turn the green side up. Then people come to your table and treat you like a King or a Queen.
The food is excellent. One thing we will mention is if you do not like a lot of salt do not have your cuts from the outside surface of
the meat. Have them slice away the outside and eat from the next cuttings. Then you will stay clear of any heavy handed salt.
Rodizio of Plataforma...
Rodizio is a method of serving meat
that originated in the south of Brazil
years ago. 22 succulent cuts of beef,
pork, lamb, chicken and other fine
meats are roasted to tender mouth
watering perfection by Master
Rotisseus, and then see it all artfully
carved on skewers at your table and
served in abundant succession as
you desire.. Eat as much and as
often as you like, in any order you
prefer. Your Appetizer Course will
take you on a grand tour of the
spectacular Specialty Salad Bar
bursting with traditional Brazilian
delights to seduce you.
-- Exotic Brazilian salads, carpaccios,
quail eggs, hearts of palm and many
others. Including sushi and sashimi.
Plus four hot chafing dishes with --
Chef's Fish and Seafood Specials of
the Day.
-- Feijdo Tropeiro, Brazil's
cassoulet of tender savory meats
long-simmered with beans and
a robust palette of aromatic
Brazilian spices, seasonings, and
-- And, of course, the excellent
Brazilian drinks, Wine Spectator
award-winning 17,000-bottle Wine
Cellar, and Brazil's world famous
caipirinha rum and lime cocktail.

316 West 49th Street
between 8th & 9th Ave
(near the Theater District)
or downtown at 221 West
Broadway at White Street.

Maine Lobster and tartare of
prime aged sirloin with osetra
caviar, roasted beets and black
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