"It Took Millions of Years" To
Make This Happen." And
you can take that Literal.
There's the proof. How long
does it take to make pink diamonds ???
Totally Cool The Magazine
On the phone ...
"From The Top of Fashion Avenue, 7th Avenue."
Black & White - not Steven Meisel - Manhattan File.
Silvercup Studios
photo by David Hebble
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the Future ...
The MagaZine
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
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"The Official Editorial Authority"
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On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
with much
more to come,
of course.
Totally Cool
1994 - 2004
The First Decade

Judge Joe Brown
The Daily News
What Not To Be Like
A World ... For You ... From Clean and Comfortable to Sexy, Sexier, Sexiest to A Night Out On The Town. And
the stuff that Dreams Are Made Of. (The Ricki Lake Talk Show. Who also (in part) deserves much of the
credit for getting Tommy Hilfiger in the INNER CITY.)
Laurie Schechter
"When The Mystics Are Around"
Minority Report:
The Twilight Zone
"Something that comes from The Heart ...
Always good news all the times."

What's To Say
Totally Cool is a project that is of ... The Highest Order. It is something that will never die and will always
exist in the Universe. There is a profound event and story to be told along the way that takes place during an
editing session of the first TV pilot episode -- "Totally Cool : A Fashion and Lifestyle Editorial Show." This
project is all about "editorial credibility."
"The Official Editorial Authority."
4thQ04Sec2 | 4thQ04Sec3
The History of Cool ... Around The World.
East Meets West.
-- Completing A Decade --

This project began in 1994 and completed a full decade in 2004.
But how did it all start ??? What is it really all about ? That is what
we are gong to document, that is what we are going to talk about.
The what is meant to be: shared. Every picture represents events
along the timeline. Like any great story it should have a beginning, a
middle, and an end. And that is how we are going to tell it. Above
are clips mostly from the first pilot TV show. Where the timeline
begins. "The First Decade" was completed as Daisy and Richard sit
on the steps of New York City and two cultures become one. The
History of Cool. From China to America. EAST MEETS WEST.
Daisy Yang &
Richard Renda
photo (right)
courtesy of
Channel Young
The Shanghai
Network, China.
But what the project is really about, it is about YOU. The who you are inside and what you are made of. There
are standards that are recognized, philosophy, and, "Cool" defined. "Cool is a word in the English language
that expresses emotion. It describes things that we like." And there is more to that lead in, much more. It is
also about 3 stock questions that we have. There is nothing in this World that has a common denominator
with everyone - everyone - in the World. Not culture, not points of view, not politics, not even God. The World
is fragmented. Nothing has a common denominator with nearly human being. Nothing ! But ... "everyone has:
something that is Totally Cool to them." No matter how young or how old. The youngest boy to speak the
words "Totally Cool" was 2 years old, the youngest girl was 18 months. And Ralph, just 4 years old, learned
how to say it by Richard teaching him in five minutes on the steps of Bryant Park. For some -- it is the new
religion. Once we heard someone say ... "My Religion - is - Totally Cool ." Think about that statement and
listen to how it sounds when it is said. Putting it like that, it obviously has more than one meaning.
Totally Cool is about real magic, the
magic of being alive.
"When The Mystics Are Around"
photographer by Junichi.
By the way, this is the
New York International
Press Corps. Need we
say more ? Many of them
have been with us for the
full 10 years.
The Story starts with Professional Fashion Stylists who worked mostly in print media and with Magazines.
Richard had also done some styling for Virgin Records, Quincy Jones' label Quest Records, Ricki Lake,
NBC's Tribute to Marvin Gaye at the Apollo Hall of Fame, and other TV and video projects. As they looked
into the crystal ball they could see the Future was in "Moving Images." The three founders of the Project
are Richard Renda, Evie Cuellar, and Laurie Schechter. Having completed the start up of Barry Diller's 2nd
QVC Telemarketing channel Q2 -- Richard, Evie, and Laurie wanted to do something new and innovating.
But they wanted to create something that had to do with "Cool." The three agreed they would seek the
Trademark for "Way Cool." But when the name search was completed it turned out that the Tribune
Entertainment Corp. had the name in a pending Trademark status. So back to the drawing board.
For about a week Evie, Richard, and Laurie racked their brains as a think tank to come up with the
answer to the problem. Nothing was suitable. Then Richard said to the girls "just leave me alone for 3
days and let me do some work. And when I come out ... I will have the answer." Richard locked himself
in a room at 200 Central Park South (Apartment "3 I") for the 3 days. On the 3rd day, that evening they
all got together. The girls were sitting in the main room. Richard came out from the room he was in.
Evie looked at him and said "Well ?" He replied, "I got it !" The girls asked, "so what is it ?" Staring
deep into their eyes Richard looked at both Laurie and Evie and said 'What it is ... it is Totally Cool ."
For the pilot TV show, which aired on Manhattan Time Warner
Cable 17 times in the month of October 1994 and 20 times in the
month of November 1994, a Pink Diamond Clock Necklace
designed by Rachelle Epstein was featured (as shown above).
Coutesy of
Penny Proddow
Marion Fasel
Audrey and Ed went to Spain for a vacation -- and brought their
"official" Totally Cool hat with them.
Stay Tuned !
There will be
more coming.

Stay ... totally

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