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On The Avenue
See The Rockettes Live
at Radio City Music Hall
Stay Tuned. On the road
of what happens next ...
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Richard Renda
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A Magazine Alive
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outtakes and misc.
Avenue of the Americas between 50th and 51st Streets. The Radio City Music Hall. Home
of The Rockettes and The Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular Show including the March
of the Wooden Soldiers. For more information on The Show dates and times go to
The Big Picture View. The sequence complete.
BIG Gotham Adventure
Bringing The City To You
The Adventure continues ... And this is where the Secret
is. When the Holiday Season is in high gear Rockefeller
Center and its famed Holiday Tree attracts a hundred
thousand people and more on any one night. It does
make it hard for anyone to get really close to the
Rockefeller Center Tree without being pushed around.
Unless you know the secret. We know it's probably wiser
for us not to tell you about this secret so it does not get
abused. But we are about making life easier and tons of
fun for you - so here it goes. Like we said, with all those
people at Rockefeller Center it will be hard to get very
close to the Tree -- no less get right under it ... unless.
When you want to avoid the crowd this is what you do. Go
to 6th Avenue between 49th Street and 50th Street on the
same side of the street as Radio City Music Hall is. In the
dead middle of that block is a building with a number of
doors there. Go inside. Once in the doors (it is open to
the public) go to your right and follow that hallway to the
end. You will come to another set of doors in front of a big
long desk. Now go through those doors. As you step
outside you will be standing under the Christmas Tree.
Don't shoot,
don't shoot.
We're on the
same team !
To make this experience even more of an adventure.
When you enter the building on 6th Avenue and you turn
right to go down the long hallway -- don't go down the
hallway. There will be a set of stairs there. Go down the
stairs. You are underground. If you follow the same path
below you will arrive at the Cafe and the Bar that is located
along side the Ice Skating Rink. Sit down, have a hot
chocolate. Now you are a real New Yorker. Enjoy the view.
The Rockettes performing The Holiday Spectacular at
Radio City Music Hall every year. If you can -- go see it.
You and the family will have a Great time !
images by Richard Renda
What a fun Marquee ! Many people do not know that every couple of minutes the Wooden Soldier
shoots his cannon. And all the soldiers fall down. Show us. Let's see it firsthand ...
captured moments by Lensperson Richard Renda.
Okay, so we were
traveling under
ground and came
up to the main
When you reach the
lobby with the big
long desk (which is
acutally the entrance
to 30 Rockefeller
Plaza) this is the
artwork that will fill
your eyes.
The wall murals and ceiling Artwork ("American Progress" and "Time") were painted by Jose Maria Sert.
The General Electric
Building which is 30
Rockefeller Plaza is
in fact, formerly, The
RCA Building. It is
also the Home of
NBC Television
When you step
outside the front
doors opposite the
lobby desk and onto
the Plaza of
Rockefeller Center
this is exactly what
you will see and
exactly what it will
look like.
Now that you are
looking at this you are
under the Tree. Is
there a present there.
Yes there is. The
present under the tree
at this very moment ...
that present is you.

A gift that is brought
from deep in the
Universe out into this
World. A gift that is:
one of a kind.
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