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Standing on 49th Street between 5th Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas (which is also known as
6th Avenue) you will get a side view of the annual appearance of the famed Rockefeller Tree. Hidden
behind the scaffolding at the very top of this tree is A Crystal Star created by one of the world's finest
keepers of Crystals. The Swarovski Crystal Star is 9 1/2 feet in diameter and weighs 550 pounds. It is
made up of 25,000 crystals, with a total of a million facets. Also in honor of this occasion, that being
the FIRST time in History the Rockefeller Center Tree has a Crystal Star, Swarovski granted 6 wishes of
children from the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Here we are going to take a close look at the Crystal Star. If you stand in one place and just sway your body a little to
the left and a little to the right, because of the different angles in which the light hits each Crystal, it sparkles with
magnificent colors of pinks, blues, greens, yellows, fushas and the full spectrum of a rainbow.
The Crystal Star,
having reached its
Time in Destiny, has
been designed to have
two different effects.
One to sparkle during
the day and the other to
illuminate at night.
As we said ... if you can not come to New York City, we will bring the City to you. There are good web sites to give you
much information that will help you get around the Big Gotham in a safe and knowledgable manner, like --
but what we do here is more Personal. The TC "Takes You There" Experience.
This is your personal view of what it is like to stand in front of this grand Crystal Star. We hope that we succeed
in giving you the "you are there" feel and visual experience as the colors glisten with your every move.
The magical holiday tree is displayed
behind the ice skating rink and it
stands in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza,
which is at the doorway entrances of
The General Electric Building. If
looking at the building and you walk
one short block to your right (go north
young man, go north young lady)
Swarovski has at ground level an
exact duplicate of the Star that is on
the top of the tree. This enables a
spectator to stand up close and see
the contents of the Crystal Star inside.
At times Rockefeller Center Plaza and the open Mall can have five to ten thousand people walking around. It
may be differcult to get really close to the Rockefeller Center Tree. But where there is a will, there is a way !
Holiday Dressing
The Crystal Star
A holiday point of view.
Captured Moments: Richard Renda
Time for a little PURE JOY. Now we see how quickly things happen in New
York City. From one moment to the next. We were just Walking To The Sky
and in that same exact place a Tree appears. This is Rockefeller Center.
And this is the first year -the year 4- when a Crystal Star adorns this special
meeting place. Under the Tree in New York City. As the story develops we
are going to give you a secret here. A secret way to travel. A secret that
even many New York City residents do not know. Let's begin !
on page photo images by
Richard david Renda
Now all of that then transforms into all of this ...
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