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Section 1:
The "Apple Seed" from Apple Artist Kehinde Wiley. We are not even
going to try and explain what this apple is about or what it is implying.
It has little squiggle lines on it. That's all we are going to say.
captured moments - photo images on page - by Richard Renda.

The MagaZine
captured moment - photo images by Richard Renda
Let's drop another apple cliche line here.
Well, you know they say "The Apple
Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree." In The
House That Ruth Built" this Big Apple by
Apple Artist Charles Fazzino is another fine
example of the 3 - Dimensional Apple. If
you look down inside it you can see an
Ocean Liner passing by.

Richard Renda
"Endless Wave" by Fritz Chesnut
Clockwise: The "Jolly Rancher" Apple covered in green apple Jolly Rancher Candy suckers by Mickalene
Thomas. "The Sweet Smell of Seduction" (apple does actually smell of a sweet scent) by Rima Mardoyan.
"Apple Blooms" in all colors from Aislinn Harrington. And Cythia Rowley's "Big Scrapple."
One of our favorite apples is this Big Apple ... for the simple reason that as a function it really does reflect
The City. This apple is called "Mingling Lights At Night" and it comes from Dylan Assael.
The Big Apple Fest Touches on every aspect of life that dwells in The City of the World. "Insects In The City"
are featured on this apple created by Ashley Rupecht. And no ... it is not a wormy apple.
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