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Songs of the

Totally Cool
The First Decade
1994 - 2004
On The Street
by Richard Renda
this is the 2nd Decade ... 2006 ...
going forward.
Sushi Twist
Where Flavor Matters
66 Madison Avenue
2 blocks north of Madison Park
in The Big Gotham
Manhattan, New York
212 213-2299
photos by Richard Renda
The Lowdown ...

On The Street:

Written by
Richard Renda

Photographs by

Editorial Director
Richard Renda

Sushi Twist (right)
Anne Lee
The Sushi Twist
at 66 Madison
Avenue in
Manhattan, New
York City is a
long space with a
square separate
area in the back.
A comfortable bar
as you come in
the door. You can
even eat there if
you would like.
you are not into
Sushi stop by
and have a Salad.
You will enjoy it.
A New York
Totally Cool: Bites
66 Madison Avenue
at 27th Street
in Manhattan
New York
"Where - Flavor - is Key !"
and at ... www.myspace.com/theoriginaltotallycool
this profile is "exclusive - by invite only."
For those ... a little more profound.
when you come to either Profile -download- Flash Player 8
for the complete MySpace experience !
also come visit ToTaLLy CoOL at: www.myspace.com/originaltotallycool
open to the General Public
A nice place to have Lunch, Dinner, hold
a Business Meeting, see Friends, get
away from the World, have an Event, or
for any Occasion. A fun peaceful
moment in Life.
The Green Salad: mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, and carrots in chef's homemade
ginger dressing.

The Volcano Roll: crab, avocado & cucumber roll with Japanese chili mayo sauce, and
topped with chopped crab, masago & mozzarella cheese, lightly toasted to perfection !

The Salmon Lunch Box: broiled salmon with sweet teriyaki sauce with rice, salad, and
2 daily specials, which here were green mussels, shrimp sunomono, and assorted
shumai and dumplings.

Sushi Chef Brian Hong creating the Infamous
Jazz Roll.

Shrimp tempura & cucumber roll topped with unagi and
assorted masago and tobiko.

The Dancing Eel Roll
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