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Table of Contents
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Totally Cool (r) The MagaZine
The Fashion Well
Photos by
Alberto Rizzo
Hair & Make-up by

The Music Credit:
The Blessed Spirits
Virgin Records
Vanessa Mae

Stone Age
The Space Age

"making a statement."

Louis DiCarlo

What we saw at The Louis DeCarlo Winter
2000 / 2001 Fashion Show Presentation was
-in fact-
the Heritage of all civilization
and some hot designs marking The Future:
right in front of your eyes. We actually had
the chance to see all this. Now here is the
story. Getting settled into the shows have a
bit of madness to it. Everyone does what
they need to and at the end you reunite with
your team. A group of seasoned editors and
photographers met outside The Studio Tent
to go to the next shows. Walking toward
the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue)
an Editor, let's call her Joan, had what to
say about The Louis DiCarlo Show. Of
course it was "
the Controvesy." How dare
he use "Fur" ... "real fur" ... "real skins."
As we walked about 100 meters we all
listened to Joan spill out the song and dance
of the PetaFile people. Fear and terroristic
brainwashing tactics. Oh the modern times.
We can do better. Yeah, we can ignore all
that Nature gave us and taught us, we can
dishonor that, and go make plastic cups that
hang around to damage the environment for
the next 10,000 years. I said to Joan exactly
that and do not get me wrong. There are
many impotant issues regarding Fur and
the way laboratory animals are treated.
Many important issues which we are very
sensitive to. But that is still another story.
Which we hope to get to later down the
road. This was more about "Honoring Our
Heritage" and great fashion. Nothing more.
See. I have a problem with the P.E.T.A.
people, their willingness to harm people,
their lies, hypocrisies, and motivation. Plus
they say don't drink milk. But it's a Natural.
A month prior I came upon PETA people
one evening picketing a store on West 57th
Street. When I questioned why they were
picketing a store that sold Furs and Leather
while they themselves were standing there
wearing "leather shoes and leather belts"
they stopped picketing the store and ran
away fast. It makes for a good picture.
In the middle of the week Joan came over to our table in
the lobby fountain area. She said to us, "I am proud to
know you. I thought about everything you said. You were
right. It is about our Heritage and where we come from."
In November 2000, I was talking with Jessica and I told her
I thought it was funny how in each issue of The 2000 Series
Totally Cool featured a little something from Mr. DiCarlo
but he kept moving forward in the book from issue to issue.
In the Autumn Issue Fashion Well his creation opened that
section. The path was saying, What better look could say
this is what it was like "in Time." A thousand years gone by,
a thousand years to come. As a Cover it would say "we are
in the middle of it all. Winter 2001." And this came out of
it. When we reached making final decisions Totally Cool
had 4 days to put The Photo Shoot together. (The Cover.
The Photo Shoot. The Controversy.) Some magical way
the pieces fell in to place for what Nature wanted to say.
"You are. The New Millennium." Remember the Past.
So there you have it. From The Beginning ...

Oh ... and there is one other issue at hand. America is
supposed to be a free Country (supposed to be). NO ONE
No one has the right to. It is our own choice. For whatever
reasons. And surely a freedom of expression. Also no one
has the right to tell your grandmothers they should be afraid
to wear their fur because someone from PETA will throw
paint on it. The anti-fur activist group P.E.T.A. has a "13
million dollar" annual budget. That is what they "have to
protect." They pay their activists to protest. They scare
people into giving them money. "Paid activists" who "Hurt
People" are not activist. They are ... "social terrorists."
Activists do not need to be paid. They do it from the Heart.
So all this considered is what I said to Joan. Don't trash our
Heritage and History. It has gotten us this far. And -- do
not trash Louis DiCarlo. He did a beautiful production for
all the people. We see. A few days later, February 9th,
2000 at the "7th on Sixth" worldwide fashion collections
two P.E.T.A. people stepped onto the Oscar de la Renta
runway. The Fashion World made a statement also. After
20 years of terrorism a Lensman took P.E.T.A down "in
12 seconds" and said: "Do It Outside." The PETA People
were arrested: and taken to Jail.
photo by Richard Renda
photo by Richard Renda ToTaLLy CoOL
photo by Alberto Rizzo
More coming ...
The Word Has It 2002 Is
"Intense." 7th Avenue New York
Fashion Designer Louis DiCarlo's
Mondi Collection is something
men and women
want to Look at. If you can
remember what the front Cover
of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band" album
looked like, and you took four
giant steps forward from there --
that is only some of the chicness
The Mondi 2002 Collection has.

Keep Looking.
Keep Looking good.
Keep Lookng Totally Cool !
The Louis DiCarlo Controversy Story
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