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Totally Cool (r) The MagaZine
The MagaZine
The Fashion Well
Photos by
Alberto Rizzo
Hair & Make-up by
Richard david Renda

Louis DiCarlo Trademark Cut-out Pant Waistline - This is the Spring 2001 Collection.
photo: Richard Renda
White and Silver
Fox Skin Vest
by Louis DiCarlo

Orgie of Infinities
Necklace and
matching Bracelet
(18 carat Gold)
by Gurmit
Obviously --
Louis DiCarlo
and Gurmit
are truly old
From The Beginning
The Louis DiCarlo
It has another element
besides Fur. In always
striving to create an Event,
not only a fashion show,
Louis DiCarlo is not afraid
of trying something new.
And that is what the quote
unquote: Fashion Shows are
all about. The Presentation.
The Production. The Event.
If it was just about "seeing
clothes" on a hanger an
editor could visit Fashion
Showrooms any day of the
week and just see clothes.
This is about "the runway."
It is where editors, buyers,
press, and the consumer
can see the clothes move.
The Production matters.
It matters to the press. It
matters to the reader. And
it matters to those who are
proud to wear a designer's
For the Spring 2001 Collection (shown below) (also top center and left page 105) ... Mr. DiCarlo held his
runway presentation on the rooftop of a building. The elevators were tight. Some out of town photographer
tried to assault a long standing member of The Press Corp and hungry Editors complained about the food
being late. All that caused more controversy and some of it even made the newspapers. Okay so what
happened ? People missed the most important point. It was about "Everything coming together. In this Time."
The past, the present, the future. And we were literally going to see tomorrow today. To get the rooftop
controversy out of the way: I was there. I can tell you -as a fact- the "7th on Sixth Press Corp" is the very
best Press Corp in all the World. They worked out who needed what as always. The Show was elegant,
sometimes raw - and very beautiful. Imagine you are outside, 25 stories high, under a picture perfect blue
sky with an ocassional puffy white cloud drifting by -- as tall sexy shapely models are bolting down a white
runway in step with the music, swinging their hips side to side. Talk about visual. It was a good show. So
the story really begins on the threshold of: the next thousand years. It is the dead of Winter. Year 2000. The
Weather is unusually warm. Wearing black jeans, a t-shirt and a small black corduroy jacket (continue read)
The Louis DiCarlo Controversy Story
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