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Louis DiCarlo


continues ...

Star Wars meets The Future
"making a statement."

A warm breeze. Open jacket.
Walking east along 42nd Street
inside Bryant Park. Going
from (6th) Avenue of the
Americas toward 5th Avenue.
Tall skyscraper buildings all
around the perimeter. And in
the center core: A Big White
Tent. Two blocks BIG. A
Complex. A City inside The
City. A Fashionable World.
Here we are. See it through
your own eyes. It is Winter.
The "Winter Collections" are
many times not as exciting
as the showing of the Spring
Fashion collections. During
the winter people think: more
material, heavier thicker
material, more coats ... and
wool. But in fact that is not
the way it is. Maybe and
sometimes there is a designer
who remembers it is warm
during the winter months in
many parts of the World.
And a person might like to
wear the designer's clothes
if the person thought the
designer had actually made
them with that person it mind.
As you will learn at the winter
Fashion Collections you never
know what you might see.
This time we are looking for
something more. What it was
we will not know until we see it.
It is a bright Sunday. February
6th. Year 2000. About 10:30 in
the morning. Myself like most
other members of the press who
document The Fashion Collection
start the week with a booked
schedule on Monday from 9 a.m.
with a show to cover every hour
on the hour into the night for what
could be 9 or 10 days (daze).
Going to any early morning
Sunday shows it is a pick and
choose option. But walking
along the inside of the park
I thought about this show. It
could be great. Something that
many people might miss. One,
it was being handled by Norma
Quinto. A woman who deserves
much respect. I know Norma
many years and admire her. I
have watched her grow. She
knows how to do the job and
keeps it together.
Norma has worked in the industry
and has learned the what and what
not to do by trial and error. And
she never gives up. Norma Ouinto
Public Relations. We were going
to see one of her designers. There
was a good start to begin with. It
being Louis DiCarlo that is another
good reason to be here. Louis does
a sleek cut-out trademark waistline
in his couture jeans, skirt creations,
and many of his distinct designs.
Pure sexy. Plus he does fine men's
fashions. Now at the very back of
the 42nd Street Library there was
the entrance to the Tent. This
venue was 1 of 4. This was "The
Studio." That was only its name.
A smaller venue that had its own
dedicated tent and this is The real
Runway. The press people and
guests were bustling around saying
hellos and getting settled. The
show began. For 20 minutes we
were in a Vortex where all of
"time past" had met "the future."
Louis DiCarlo had Fur Skins of the
highest quality and placed them in
fashion as they were and would
have been millions of years ago.
The Louis DiCarlo Controversy Story
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