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The MagaZine
The Fashion Well
Photos by
Alberto Rizzo
Hair & Make-up by

The Music Credit:
Sick Of Man
13 Ways To Bleed
On Stage
Geffen Records

" Fashion Streaks Into 1970 "
Harper's Bazaar
Front Cover
January 1970
The Photo Shoot:
From The Beginning of Time
You are going to like this story. Sit back and relax. You are
the Ghost Rider. And in the Spirit together we are going to take
this journey. Through Time. We will be the fly on the wall to what
most do not get to see. A professional look inside -the inside world-
of The Fashion Elite and someone "making a statement." But when
a person understands what the statement being made is saying that
is what makes others "all the wiser." You and I will be that. All the
Wiser. That is what this little journey will be about. Controversy,
challenge, intrigue. How do I get myself into these things I will
never know.
Any good Photo Shoot starts with an idea. Nothing more and
nothing LESS. It must start with an idea. The idea could come from
something you see, or from something you create, or something you
have to do at work or for your "self." The idea for this shoot has a
strong foundation ... because it is about Time. In a Big Way. Time
200 million years ago and before that. The Time we are in today.
The Time of what is "our future" and what we leave on this Earth 100
years from now or 200,000 years from now. If you can imagine that ?
This is "The Photo Shoot." It was to be a quick 3 page photo session
(which means "3 shots"). One of the 3 shots Totally Cool would
pick as The Photograph for the front cover and the other 2 pictures
would be for a small write up and profile. But Nooooo. Once this
vision started it set into motion a whole course of events. The
Beginning: 2001. This would have to be a very special Magazine
Cover because: it had to represent Time. But all of Time. And
Time in the sense of raw. Untouched. So that is it. From The
Beginning we get everything it takes to make A Professional Photo
Shoot happen ... and then some. Okay, how does it all start ?
by the Ghostwriter
Top: The Photographer Professional.
The Hair & Make up: Editorial,
TV, and Commericial Print Expert
The Model:
not too cut.
But a litlle
wild. To
200 million
years ago
or "the girl
next door"
of modern

Alberto Rizzo
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