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This whole page is dedicated to Alberto Rizzo's work shot exclusively for you. When we
began the project, The TC online Magazine -- it was Alberto Rizzo who gave whole
heartedly his talents and time to make it happen. We are proud to take this moment to
remember the photographer Legend Alberto Rizzo and to say one thing "Thank You."
Richard Renda --
Totally Cool
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outtakes and misc.
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Section 2:
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
above left is a Jewelry item created by world renowned Designer Henry Dunay. It would be rare that
anyone has an opportunity to see this piece. It is part of a private collection. But ... the Moment was
preserved by Alberto Rizzo and Richard Renda. The Brooch is called "The Pharoah's Daughter."
What do you mean "one more shot" ! ! ! Alberto knew as a fact that when the editorial director
Richard Renda pushed it ... the last shot -unplanned- would no doubt be one of the Best. And the
man, the Photographer, Alberto Rizzo never refused to do it.
"The Beauty Shoot." Nadine by Alberto Rizzo.
Hair and Make-up by Robin Narvaez.
Nadine above left in Zang Toi silk full length skirt and see through sequin top by
Sully Bonnelly. Above right Nadine in Hot Pink Zebra Stripe by Luca Luca.
Remembering People.
Preserving Life !
In the decades of modern
fashion a person makes the
connection from the showroom
to the public eye. That person is
The Photographer.
Here is a look at the prolific works
of photographer Alberto Rizzo.
Italian born photographer great Alberto
Rizzo passed on from this world in
2004 at the age of 72.
Alberto Rizzo was a
photographer and an artist.
Let us take a look.
Vivienne Westwood
Sylvia Heisel
William Calvert
pink Denim
Piper in Francois
+ Marithe Girbaud
right and left -- and below right: Alex
in Louis DiCarlo Millennium Fashion.
silver silk eveningwear
William Calvert Couture
Tara ... In The

"The Angel of Goodness."
"The Piper Played"
Alex relaxing in La Perla lingerie and quilted Jacket by Flo Wienberg
being photographed by Alberto Rizzo. Photo by Richard Renda.
Piper in a black crushed velvet Betsey Johnson
and below "The Laser Cut" designs by Girbaud.
Shhhh ... don't tell anyone -- this is Alberto Rizzo imitating the "Shot
Nazi" foundly known as Hair & Make-up Artist Robin Narvaez. She
was Alberto's longtime companion and production director. It was
Robin's responsibility to keep us on the time schedule.
Alberto and the TC Crew would start at 8 in the morning. But Richard would always, at every shoot, push Alberto to
take another shot at the end of the day and we can not remember a shoot that did not end before 10:30 at night.
Alberto would always mumble profanities at Richard. A good example of what happened during those end of day
moments is ... "The Pharoah's Daughter." A picture that would not be but is.
"The Child In Me" ... Nadine wearing and spinning a fabulous Zang Toi Animal Print Creation.
Captured Moment by Photographer Alberto Rizzo.
Julie in The
Birthday Suit
Above: Photographer Alberto Rizzo in his Mulberry / Grand
Street studio, the Heart of Little Italy. Preserved and
photographed by Richard Renda. As Alberto would say
"What, shoot MORE ?!!!! You're kidding right ?" Nope !
Just one more shot. Come on, one more shot.
Swarovski crystal
Christina Perrin bikini
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