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Section 2:
"Geoffrey Beene" The Book ... is published by Abrams Publishing
"Clothes should look as if a woman was born into them. It is a form of possession,
this belonging to one another" ... Geoffrey Beene.
(left) photograph by Peter Lindenberg "Harper's Bazaar" April 1993 - (right) photo by
Raymond Meier "New York Times" October 1993.
In this autograph, Geoffrey Beene was able to send a message to you directly. He sent this to you
from his own hand ... "Lots of Love."
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Silk Chiffon short evening dress embroidered with
silver sequins with point d'esprit lace inset. photo:
Jack Deutsch
Now for those who would like to
truly experience the amazing World
of Geoffrey Beene, Abrams
Publishing has an oversized coffee
table book called simply "Geoffrey
Beene" -- available in libraries and
fine bookstores worldwide. We
would also like to mention that
what you see here is but only a
small taste of the many designs
contained in this book. Geoffrey
Beene has been an inspiration to
fashion designers and authors of
the highest order. When we went
to talk with Mr. Beene about the
book, Geoffrey Beene said he
wanted his book to be more about
his fashion creations and not so
much about him. It is exactly that.
A total visual experience.
front cover from the book Geoffrey Beene. photo: Andrew Eccles.
People Remembered
Geoffrey Beene
Mr. Geoffrey Beene captured
Live by Richard Renda at
Geoffrey's 57th Street
New York City Showroom.
When we went to see Geoffrey Beene he asked Richard Renda how Richard would like his copy of the
book Geoffrey Beene autographed. Richard answered Mr. Beene just like this: "To The People of the
World." Geoffrey said, "To The People of the World ?" Richard said "yes." So this is what happened -- a
moment in History. Forever preserved.
During a 40 minute video taped
session the many faces of Geoffrey
Beene came out. Expressions that
few have ever seen.
Very Special Thanks to Russell and Joyce.

Dear Geoffrey Beene -- we will miss you
much. Rest In Peace. You are not
forgotten !
Forever Preserved ...
by Richard david Renda and
Laurie Schechter.
Black wool Dress with black trellis lace insets and black
floral applique' - Autumn 1991. photo: Jack Deutsch
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