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Where's The Honeymoon --
Bridal Designer.
" The Rumor Mill ? "

Who said:

"I can sell Tadashi, I can sell Tadashi Shoji anything" . . . Who said that the
reason the fashion designer shies away from The Press is because he does not
want to draw attention to the gay love affair he has at home in the mountains
outside of L.A. . . . Who said that a vision optics company owner continued to
sell and send out high priced magnifying glasses after learning (at the Winter
2002 Olympics) they physically hurt people . . . Who said while condoning it: that
a certain person from England involved in a well known Mannequin company
is major into heavy drugs (coke, exstasy, heroin) and is always high on the job,
and ... that -she- gave him a $ 180,000 "In Style magazine ad job" ... Who said
"in all the time" they know her (5 years) that showroom sales manager "Kim
Koolery has never said a good thing about anyone" (with exception of 1 person,
some guy named Renda) ??????

famed Bridal Gown Designer Vera Wang did get "separated" from her husband
to have an intimate (sexual) relationship with a woman: Judy Agisim of Judy Agisim
PR (nyc) . . . And who said they have "seen Vera and Judy together" in that way . . .
Who said a 17 year old boy is "flaming gay" and having numerous relationships
with his friends at school ? Who asked a younger man why an older
man ejaculates prematurely at a riverside park in Sutton Place
while necking with a 52 year old woman who looks like she is
70 and why the load he dumps in his pants is: so much ?
Who ... is talking to whom ? And how many people are listening ???
These optics (in a jeweled case) costing around $ 200 a pair and the non-jeweled case for around
$ 50 a pair have turned in side arms and spring loaded hinges. After a few hours wearing them
the turned in arms and spring loaded hinges work like a vice, where they literally: "SQUEEZE"
the side of your head and that puts pressure on the both sides of your skull. One person reported
it took 3 days for the swelling on both sides of their head to go down. But it took nearly 7 days for
the pain to subside and go away. The good news is ... now ... you know.
What's The Hitch ? ! !
by Richard david Renda
Toxic Girl
The Music Credit:
Kings of
Astralwerks Records

????? Who said ?????

Special Section
There is more for you
to see, as we all go

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