Pre-programmed computer glitches controlled by
the BBR technicians in Las Vegas also serve to
deprive girls from the money they've earned on-line.
Like clockwork approximately twelve and twenty
minutes into a customer's connection the Baum
Multimedia computer system malfunctions, causing
girls to lose internet contact with their customers.
When this happens: the minutes are credited to the
Baum Multimedia account -- but do not register on
the girl's individual on-line records, which determine
their pay. "We were told to say as managers that
the minutes wouldn't register until the next day,"
says one former employee. "But by the end of the
week those minutes were missing."
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Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

written by Rene Chun


Sweat Shop"

No part of this Works, may be published or
reproduced in anyway without expressed
permission: in writing from the copyright
holders. c. 2002 All rights reserved.
The MagaZine
The skimming of paychecks that Bruce Glasser
and Fred Baum engage in at Baum Multimedia
is so brazen that it defies belief. The clandestine
garnishing of wages starts at the source. For each
on-line minute logged, BBR Services, a Las Vegas
based company that purchases content from Baum
Multimedia, pays Fred and Bruce $1.85, and the
girls $1.25. But the girls only receive "$1.00" for
every minute they're on-line, because Bruce and
Fred are illegally pocketing the extra 25 cents.

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

The Music Credit:
Sebastien Tellier
Astralwerks Records

The Sweat Shop. Working doubletime,
2 lines at the same time -- operating
2 keyboards, 2 computers. Work
doubletime like this and then having
your wages stolen from you ?
Sylk was pushed out
by Charlie and Brenda
who took everything,
including Sylk's Bed
and Bedroom.
Marble Jacuzzi with
neon lights on.
"Take You There"
photos courtesy of
Junichi and "Mr. Cool"
Richard david Renda.
The Marble Jacuzzi. At The Sweat Shop.
Photo by Richard david Renda. All rights reserved.
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