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C.F.D.A. Scandal

Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

Vera Wang - Bridal Designer extraordinaire
The Honeymoon --
Bridal Designer.
What's The Hitch ? ! !
" The Rumor Mill ? "

To see the picture clearly and the how all of
this comes about we would have to look at 2
questions. "Who is talking ... to whom ?"
And more importantly "how many people
are listening ???" When it comes to the
Fashion World more than you know are talking
... and everyone is listening.
Vera Wang
Having witnessed personally the "who said" questions being spoken on, and because this writer
does know all the people involved, it has become our duty to tell the tale. Other writers from
Newspapers and Magazines have sworn allegiance not to write the story until we pop the cork.
But what the story is and why we are writing it, is all we are concerned with. Oh -- were all those
statements actually made by someone ??? The answer is without a doubt, definitely: yes. And
at least one of the people who made the statements has had a proven accurate record before.
Evenso, this was all over the edge. The allegations, if true, would hurt many people and some
families. I do admit we tease around and say: if Vera Wang was having an affair with another
woman and did outcast her hubby for a Lady that would say a lot. "She would probably sell twice
as many dresses." You know -- like for those 2 girl weddings. The person we witnessed making
these outrageous allegations also bragged about having been the inhouse PR for Karl Lagerfeld
and Ralph Lauren for more than 10 years. Which as you might think, lends to some credibility.
But does it ?
Now the why we are writing this story ... After being puzzled trying to understand an old lady
asking a younger man why some older man dumps a midnight bomb in his pants in a riverside
park, being a man myself, I had to discuss it with someone I knew would keep it quiet. This
occurs in April of 2002. So I went to a friend and writer I trust ... and respect. We talked about
the Vera Wang thing. The fact that it was a juicy story -- did one of us want to investigate it for
the epose' factor ??? My writer friend and I decided we were going to sit on it in the hush hush
mode and see what happens. The Vera Wang scandal was really none of anyone's business
unless it became a public issue. There it was:
laid to rest. Then some 6 weeks later there it
was again. It had come back. My phone rang
A newspaper person wanted to know what I
knew about Vera's alleged steamy romance
with Judy Agisim ? Hummm ... how did they
get the information? Naturally the newspaper
person had to keep the lid on the where they
got their information but did comfirm it was
from "A Fashion Source."
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