The SoHo Models banner and plaque for the building came next, followed by a short promotional video,
which he managed to persuade a gullible NYU film student to shoot gratis. Titled simply "SoHo," the
three minute video is oddly compelling. Despite the annoying techno-beat soundtrack and amateurish
production values it's an entertaining document. A testament to Jason Sylk's comic narcissism. Shot in
cinema verité style, the grainy black-and-white footage depicts the con man Sylk as a charismatic, fast
talking deal-maker with surprisingly well-chisled abs. Looking like a bad method actor, Sylk strikes all
manner of heroic and tortured poses, as he strives, against all odds, to open up SoHo Models. There is
Sylk emoting tension as he massages his temples and nervously paces the floor. There is Sylk bare
chested (cool tattoo !) barking orders to some lackey on the phone. There is Sylk again, at a nightclub
where a fat man wearing a pinkie ring the size of a bagel presents him with a fur coat that makes him
look like Nanook of the North. Interspersed between the deconstructed narrative are fawning sound
bites supplied by Sylk's entourage. Smoking up a storm, dropping names like bricks and picking up chicks,
the gangster wannabe Jason Sylk Itzler is captured in all his insufferable splendor.
The first element of this carefully orchestrated charade was the SoHo Model business card. Glossy,
undersized and printed with a groovy sans serif typeface. The calling cards looked incredibly chic. And
thanks to his tireless one-man PR blitzkrieg, the little black cards were snapped up by young girls around
town like free Kiehl's samples. Instead of using his legal name Itzler on the cards he opted instead to use
Sylk. He claims that the name change was prompted by a falling out with his stepfather. "What the hell,"
he says cheerfully. "The Sylk name is a hardcore beautiful family." Lenny Sylk insists this is nonsense.
"Jason changed his name strictly for ego," he says bitterly. The Sylk family in Philadelphia has been a
substantial family for a number of years. To a certain extent there are people who know that, which
brings Jason a level of credibility he seeks." Others insist that it was a simply a way of hiding in plain sight.
"Jason's (Itzler) made so many enemies and burned so many bridges that he had to change his name,"
quips one former M2 employee.
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Sylk decided that the only way to expedite the real estate search was to conceal the true nature of his
business. From this point forward he would not use the word "sex" when describing his new company to
realtors. Instead, he would present himself as a squeaky-clean nerd heading up a "communications
company." He and Kalt finally found a place on Broadway directly across from the Woolworth building.
But when Jack Laboz the owner of the property discovered his new tenants were aspiring internet sex
moguls he balked. He and his family lived in the same building and Laboz didn't want the place debased
by such a tawdry business. Laboz, however, offered Sylk another option. He owned a landmark building
at 415 Broadway. And the third floor was vacant. Sylk was instantly enthralled with the raw space.
But it didn't come cheap. Laboz wanted Sylk to commit to a ten-year lease at $25,000 a month. Baum
and Glasser went into sticker shock. Sylk accused them of cheaping out. He recited the enticing fiscal
projections once more --, and argued that the considerable revenue involved more than justified the hefty
rent. A compromise was negotiated. In February 2001, Baum Multimedia LLC. signed a ten-year lease,
with a five-year option to renew. The first six months rent would be waived to cover the build-out. Rent
for the remaining 6 months would be $15,000. But when the second year kicked in the rent would balloon
to $25,000. With a space finally secured Sylk began to hype his new virtual model agency around town.
Next on the agenda was to assimilate himself into the New York Fashion Culture. For his grand scheme to
succeed it was imperative that SoHo Models be perceived as a completely legitimate entity. To fabricate
and maintain that illusion he would need to role play as a model agency owner to the hilt – frequenting the
right restaurants and clubs, meeting the right people, even scheduling the occasional token business meeting.

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

On Broadway between Canal Street and
Lispenard Street, (west side, one block
south of Canal) 415 Broadway,
New York City.
The "National" City Bank of
New York. Engraved "1812" ... "1927".
On The Runway. The Fashion Community. THE MUMMY RETURNS.
Our darling ... Patricia Velasquez (a good girl). Photo by Mr. David Hebble.
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