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Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

ToTaLLy CoOL Takes You There:
The Sweat Shop
This is the only legitimate photo shoot we
know of shot at Broadway & Canal
"Day Dreams" Fashion Shoot
photographer: Junichi
Shot on location - at The Bank.
Finally, with the help of many others The Fashion Industry in
America was making an effort to be a place you could be proud to
work in, create fun adventures, and have a family of friends. It was
a community of the World. Modeling agencies were following in
suit. Frowning on heavy drug usage -especially because of the bad
press it brought, tailoring Model apartments to have one gender of
guys or gals, not both together which had its problems (as you can
imagine), and the trend of weeding out sleazy photographers grew.
If you want to be a porno photographer no one has a problem with
that. You might even do good work. But do it in the Porno industry,
not in the Fashion (clothing) industry. Quality was beginning to
mean something. Totally Cool has been on the scene for some
time. And we look to keep the level of Integrity New York City has
very high. And that is where this story begins. We have spent years
making the Fashion Industry a safe place for people to work in and
feel a part of. NO ONE is going to come into our City and undo it
just like that. People will be watching. Totally Cool has criterias
when it comes to giving well earned exposure. Generally, you
have to be in the community for 2 years (4 Fashion seasons).
Then you have begun to be established. If you
make it into the 5th season (that is the 2 1/2
year mark) it is a good indication your creativity
and input in the Community will remain for
years to come. Like Icon Models. They are a
young agency (not equal to the 50 years plus
Ford Modeling has) and even though not the
highest priced they have endured some years
with respect to the test of time. And are noted.
But generally we wait until a Talent has earned
being established, and then, we document the
History of their great works by doing a story,
preserving the truths and facts of a person's
existence for generations to learn from. All
about credibility. I use Icon as an example
because we gave them exposure on our TV
Show 2 weeks after they opened. Reason was
we knew the people involved. And we knew
they would go the distance. Time honored.
Sweat Shop

"Sometimes the Truth comes
through the strangest doors."

Funny how the truth is best ...
(from the horse's mouth).
"We're just going to use these girls for
whatever we can get out of them, then
throw them out and get new ones every
two weeks. " Fred Baum.
The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

The N Train going Downtown. Manhattan, New York City.
Captured Moment ... Lensman Richard Renda.

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