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Toxic Girl
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Astralwerks Records

A phone call was put in to Vera Wang's office we are told. Being asked about the "separation"
it is said they denied there was any separation. What bothers me is the statement made about a
17 year old boy having sexual affairs with other boys at school. I knew the boy (since he was a
child) and found that statement to be insulting aside from being highly suspicious. It was time
to see where the truth lied. Only one thing to do. Call Judy at Judy Agisim PR. True, Judy is a
shrewd person when it comes to business. But in the 12 or so years I know Judy she has Never
lied to me. If you talk about a BIG person at heart, Judy Agisim gets high marks. For a fact, if
Judy did anything that may have hurt someone: she will apologize. And she is Big enough to do
it in her own handwriting if necessary. That is a Big person. MORE than we can say for most.

Is Vera Wang leaving her husband for another woman ? Has the Bridal Gown Designer found
someone else's breast implants more important than her own family as it was suggested ? Has
she gotten separated ? For all of you who want a real story print the truth and not the trash
many hope it would be. There appears to be no foundation of substance to any of the allegations
claimed (at this point). People in every relationship have their private moments. During those
moments some go up and some go down. In between there is a little peace. Now it is put to bed.
Vera Wang in our opinion came out of this smelling quite good, sweet. It is just another page in
Human History - with the Rumor Mill ... at work. (But what about Dinner going backwards --)
So ... I went to Judy and asked her outright. I told her first I was going to ask her a question
officially "on the record" (and then we would have a private conversation). But as I told her,
she had no choice she had to answer the question.
Here it was -- "According to Pamela Branstetter at Branstetter Communications Vera Wang
got separated from her husband to have an intimate relationship with Judy
Agisim of Agisim PR. It that true or not true ?" I was there. I heard it
come from the mouth of Pamela Branstetter. Not only did I hear it said
firsthand, I was so shocked, to a point that when Pamela Branstetter talked
about Vera Wang like this, I gave Branstetter the 3rd degree as to how
she knew this was true, and where did she get this information, and what
was she doing talking about it anyway ???????? She surely was not
a Journalist. But she knew I was, amongst other things. I could tell what
I was getting from Judy was real. Without hesitation Judy Agisim said,
"My God, that's not even funny." I said, "I know. That is why I am
calling you. But I need an answer. I need a response. You must answer
the question. I am giving you the chance to do that." Judy said, "I swear on my family's grave
... it is not true. No. I am not having a relationship with Vera. My God, no."
The one thing I will never
understand: asking a
younger man what
happens to an older
man when necking
late at night in a park.
When you figure it out ...
let us know.

Speaking of smelling good.
Vera Wang the Authority and
Queen of Bridal Elegance
launched a line of Fragrance
Products in 2002 that will
make any lady feel it was
made specifically for her.
" The Rumor Mill ? "

Put To Bed:
Where's The Honeymoon --
What's The Hitch ? ! !
The MagaZine
Bridal Designer
Vera Wang the Authority and Queen of Bridal Elegance launched
a line of Fragrance Products in 2002 that makes a lady feel like it
was made specifically for her. Vera Wang Fragrance Parfum.
Vera Wang: soap -bath and shower creams - body creams - Parfum - body lotions - body powder

Special Section
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