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And Adjust ... your volume.
Photo: Richard david Renda

Takes You There: The Community.
Big Bob Mackie !
c. 2002 - All rights reserved.
What To Say
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on --
Special Section

Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

written by
Rene Chun
photographs by
Richard david Renda
and friends.
Sweat Shop"


AN EXPOSE' -- the Full Version of the
published works, basically ... "Unedited."
This Story is rated
PG. FYI: preferably
17 years of age and
The MagaZine
You have got to love this statement,
"Sometimes the truth comes through the strangest doors." Looking at that statement you have to
love it more seeing it "IN CONTEXT", and, seeing who is making it. This was said in a previous story
about the Fashion Clothing Community:
"more than you know are talking" and someone is listening.
The Tower
Excerpt from Talk Magazine Version: ... an ace in the hole -- his lease at 415 Broadway for 5,000
sun-drenched square feet with majestic 15-foot ceilings. "It was a fabulous space !" exclaims Renda.
"The space is what gave the project instant credibility. It's what got me and a lot of other people initially
interested and excited about being involved." One of those people was photographer
Peter Beard.
Although Beard hadn't shot fashion since he was under contract to Vogue in the '60s, his name still had
clout. Whenever a batch of his blood-splattered fine Art prints made its way from Africa to SoHo, the
opening never failed to draw a coterie of fashion editors, who would then dutifully reserve a page in their
magazines for an air-kiss review.
(What is amazing to us is not only does Peter know full well that he is talking to a Journalist and he
tells you when and with whom he is carrying on. But he tells you the coke is Naomi's. Blew that
as a role model. Naomi -- time to put it down girl. Come on. I know you can do better than that.)
... The place was still unfinished, but Beard was enthralled by the enormous space and numerous
windows. After getting the grand tour, he and two Russian models in tow were shown an intimate
alcove in the back, which Jason Sylk christened on the spot the "Peter Beard Room." He lit up a joint
and passed it around. "We were sort of breaking the place in" says Beard.
Sylk tracked Beard down at his gallery and offered him 10 percent of the agency in exchange for lending
his "expertise" to the project. What he really wanted though -- was -- to use Beard's name as currency
around town. The younger man didn't have to open his mouth for Beard to realize that he knew nothing
about Fashion. But this worked to his advantage. Even today Beard heartily supports Sylk and SoHo
Models. "Modeling agencies are horrible businesses with dykes who demand sexual favors from the girls
before they book them," he says. "This is the cheap shit industry that you've seen exposed over and over."
"Sometimes the truth comes through the strangest door," says Beard. "Who am I to judge ?"
"Peter was in it for the girls, the partying, and the drugs," says Renda. "But mostly for the drugs." Tim
Spulches, owner of the chic restaurant Veruka, concurs: "Peter has been a functioning drug addict for
the past 20 years. We're all amazed that he's still standing up." Peter Beard explodes when he
hears this: "Bullshit ! I'm so un-drug-dependent, you have no idea. I don't even have any
drugs in this entire apartment right now." He pauses for a second and adds, "Although
yesterday I did do a line with Naomi Campbell. But it was hers. If I'm offered, I'll accept."

Now For The Details ...
Cleaning Up The Fashion Runway.
While waiting to shoot the show !
The Anand Jon Collection at the
WWF Restaurant in Times Square.
photo credit: Bettina Cirone

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

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