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c. 2002 - Totally Cool . All RIghts Reserved
Laurie Schechter
"The World's First Vogue Style Editor"
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your volume.
The MagaZine

Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

Now the story of The Story begins. A file
has begun on these slimeballs and it
is FAT ! Summer 2001 Rene Chun a
talented writer called and asked what
was new in the Fashion Industry. We
talked about the fact that the C.F.D.A. (the
Council of Fashion Designers of
America) had hired a new Executive
Director to replace Fern Mallis. He was a
Lawyer. A Lawyer from the World Trade
Center. To head the largest Fashion
Association in all America ? His name
was "Peter Arnold." He too had a major
connection here in the - cool - World with
respect to both the past and what would
be in the Future. However. He was not a
Fashion person, aside from the fact that
he wore a nice suit. What did he know
about Fashion and the community ? Not
a whole hell of a lot. He was a corporate
off-shore accounts Attorney. Hummm.
That is another story. Then Rene and I
discussed this Model agency running a
front for what was really an "online sex
chat club" where you could pay a girl to
do anything you want. Except that this
Agency was using the Fashion Model
industry as if it were trash and undoing
the good work people had done through
the last 7 years. Rene agreed we were
going to pull the lid off of this one. The
story was sold to New York Magazine to
be published September 2001. But it
was bigger than just New York. This was
about SEX. And it was hard core Global.
9/11 pushed it back. Then Talk Magazine
bought it to run in the March 2002 issue.
The first week of Feburary 2002 Talk
Magazine: closed its doors. There would
be no March Issue. That was okay. This
was about more than just Talk. This was
filled with real details. And strange
enough that is what happened. Details
Magazine bought it and published it in
the April 2002 issue.
Okay, we are ready to go. Just one more thing ... What I found
interesting, most interesting, was that people were willing to talk.
They wanted this story out. They wanted all the details. When I
spoke with legendary party promoter Mark Baker (who I consider
a friend and respect highly) to tell him, give him a heads up, this
story was running in Details I thought he was going to be angry
at me. He wasn't at all. He liked it. Just spell the name right.
Like I said -- people wanted this Fraud out in the open. But
this one thing was what I wanted ... Peter Beard on tape, boldly,
exposing his doing coke with Supermodel Naomi Campbell. What
did we say about cleaning up the industry ? Here is where the
lines are drawn behind the doors of The Model ... Sweat Shop.
The disclaimer. The story you are about to read is 100% true in
fact, as we know it. Basically "Unedited." To the extent that the
best journalism, investigative research, field work, writing, and first
hand accounts have been maintained intact to preserve accuracy
and, most of all: the truth. The content herein is as it was reported
to us from those who lived the Adventure, the Fraud, and: the Abuse.
The publisher, nor writer, nor anyone else connected to this expose'
takes responsibility for what another person may say. We only report
the information. Here some find out how to and how not to run The
Model Sweat Shop. c. 2002 All right reserved.
But as in most stories and films made
public: you will only get the watered down
version (for many different reasons). In
defense of Newspaper / Magazine / Film
industries this is understandable. If the
whole story at sometime is meant to be
told it will be. Life will find a way. For all
those who thought they were getting away
with something, like the girls who were
abused would say: Paybacks are a Bitch.
" The Sweat Shop "
April Issue

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal

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