Would he give the edge to a girl with silicon implants. When asked if Sylk would send all of his models to
Dr. Lenny Rudner ? "Logically, if you could make somebody more marketable you should probably do it,"
he says prudently. He hesitates momentarily when asked if he would still call his new agency SoHo
Models. Maybe," he says hopefully. "I'm not sure if the name is tainted or not. The general public thinks
it's a fantastic name. But fashion people tend to have a low opinion of it."
Jason Sylk Itzler, Fred Baum, and Bruce Glasser stole the $ 5000. sound system they borrowed
to run their fraudulant Model Agency scheme, abused people, and denied at least one person wages
after working a 14 hour day, yet not an official agency anywhere did anything about it. In the parking lot
behind the huge concrete Bank building, it was Spring 2001, Jason Sylk and Lee were warned about the
balance of karma and the what they were dealing with.."Judgement" would be a price Sylk did not want
to have to pay. This con man may have fooled most of the people most of the time. But he did not fool
everyone. Even if the girls who were looked upon as a piece of meat think no one cared, someone did.
We are told Summer of 2002, Jason Sylk Itzler came before the Court in New Jersey. The Judge, we are
also told-- had the April 2002 issue of Details Magazine with him on the bench. To help think about all this,
along with a few choice words for Sylk, what Sylk got from the Judge was a matter of time -- three more
months ... time. Ever hear that old cliche, "The Buck Stops Here" ? As an old friend would say, at a
dollar a minute: "You can take that to The Bank." The truth comes through the stangest doors. Doesn't it.

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Okay, no one gave you the formula or the real numbers. Here they are. If you have 10 girls working
an 8 hour shift and you are (only) making $ 1.00 a minute ... the goal is: 120 minutes on-line per girl
per shift. Now figure it out. That is $ 120 per girl per day ... multiplied by 10 girls per shift ... that
comes to $ 1200 per shift, multiplied by 3 shifts. Profit: $ 3600 each day ... times that by 30 days.
Total: $ 108,000 per month, profit. In short, over 1.2 million dollars per year (per 10 booths) if operated
properly. Now multiply that same figure by 2 (20 booths). You have the idea. Those who fail are the
ones who treat their ladies like trash. They are not. They are human beings. And that is never to be
forgotten. For health purposes the best schedule is, for the girls: 3 days on, 1 day off. 2 days on, 1
day off. That is a week. Rule of Thumb -- when starting a sex chat business do not spend $ 20,000
on pink neon lights. Aside from wasting money ... they may obstruct your vision.
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