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Happy Birthday
From The Heart.

The MagaZine
Where the truth in Life is concerned ... Science Fiction does become: real.

Now you have a sense of what we are about. Let
the adventure begin ... One early Spring Morning in
2001, at about 6:30, I was deciding what episode we
were going to air on Time Warner Manhattan Cable.
Because a Show had to be dropped off by 8 p.m., end
of day "deadline." I screened a show (Biggy Smalls, a
TC Rocks History show) that would be perfect for the
mood. But I noticed at the end of the show there was
an associate producer credit for Daniel there. And I
thought "Cool. Would like to tell him we are running
that show for the upcoming week." Daniel had been
missing in action for a bit and at the moment there
was no way of connecting. How can I find Daniel,
hummm ? I left it alone and went on with the day.
The issue of finding Daniel was out of my mind, forgot
about it. Mid afternoon I scooted up to the Television
Network, dropped off the Show, and headed back
to Herald Towers in The Square. (Avenue of the
Americas, 34th Street and Broadway where Macy's
is.) Most people know the area. It is where they
show the New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade.
It's a beautiful day out. Warm bright blue skies. I am
walking south on Avenue of the Americas between 35th
and 34th Street. I made the left turn to go onto 34th
Street and who do I walk right into ? Daniel ! I tell him
about the end of show credit airing this week for him
and do the Hello, how are you, whatcha been up to
things ? Daniel asked me if I know any Model booking
agents (which we do) for a new modeling agency that
is opening at the National Bank of New York building
on Canal and Broadway. (Hummm, good space --
great location.) I asked Daniel for the details. It was 2
new hot shot club kids opening the agency. Sounded
like the flash in the pan you don't know what you're
dealing with syndrome. I said I would pass on it. Daniel
asked if I wanted it maybe for the TV show as a scoop.
I told him, "yeah, when they've been around for 2 years
or better. Keep us plugged in."
Funny thing walking into Daniel like that. Then, as I am
getting ready to go video a fashion show at the Manhattan
Center, 7:40 p.m. the phone rings. It is Bridget, roommate
of one of our Fashion Stylists. She starts telling me about
these 2 guys she wants me to meet. They are opening a
Modeling agency. Strange enough it sounded exactly like
the same connect Daniel was talking on. But the hook was
that now this person on the phone was not from the crowd
Daniel plays in. Way opposite. Daniel is more -- north of
96th Street, the Photo District, and the Brooklyn crib.
Bridget was more from the Downtown white Soho Club
Crowd scene. So the chatter, I could see, was reaching
across the board.
Bridget really wanted me to meet with these 2
people, Jason and Lee, and feel it out. See what I
could learn. I was going to the fashion show, that
is all I knew. Bridget set up a meeting for afterward,
10:30. I went over to Broadway and Canel. The N
train drops you off right there. On the Southwest
corner there it stood. A 4 story Concrete Cinder
Block shaped building. It had large windows on
the front and back top floor. Payless Shoes operated
a -consumer busy- ground floor storefront. These
guys had the top floor windows glowing in HOT
PINK Neon lights that you could see a quarter of a
mile away. Not looking to cause too much attention !
Back of Building, SW corner
Broadway and Canal (south
side) facing Lispenard Street.
I go upstairs and see the space with Bridget, Lee,
and Jason Sylk. I listen to their rap and of what
people are involved. The Space is raw still. But it is
Big ! I see work and the construction in process. In
the front half, the wood floors are still covered with
white dust from the sheet rock. I notice only one pink
T-1 line (cable) hanging from the ceiling. But as I
walk around to the back half of the space the floors
are completely polished. Bathrooms are done in
Marble. And I note at least 11 pink T-1 lines hanging
from the ceiling to the floor along one wall. One
every 8 feet or so. There is a Jukebox. And a raised
tower platform overlooking the separated side of the
top floor. A Modeling agency in the front ? But what
is going on in the back ??? And why is Life calling.
Bridget had to go off to meet her boyfriend. I went
and saw the roof. Then a lower floor which was to
be the reception area to some other business Sylk
refers to as a "Multimedia Internet Company", Baum
Multimedia Inc. Which belongs to some guy named
Fred Baum, one of the two other partners in the
modeling agency venture. But Sylk was not allowed
to talk to Fred. He had to go through some other
guy, Bruce Glasser. We went out into the parking lot
behind the bank building and I told Jason and Lee
both -- this was a good industry now, if you think you
are going to use it as a meat rack or if you lie to me:
things will not go well. Balance (karma) would set
in like a dark cloud from a storm that never ends.
They understood me and guaranteed this project
was dedicated. Attached with a 15 year lease.
Was this going to be an agency with Models,
Stylists, and Photographers ? Including
runway training and DJ classes ? Jason and
Lee borrowed a $ 5000 sound system in good
faith. The operation looked legit on the outside.
Seeing beyond all that ... what would you find ???
It was no secret: We were journalists.
The Model
Sweat Shop

The 7th On Sixth -
C.F.D.A. Scandal


ToTaLLy CoOL Takes You There:
The Sweat Shop
This is the one and only legitimate
"photo shoot" we know of shot at
Soho Model Management.
Canal & Broadway.
"Day Dreams" Fashion Shoot
photographer: Junichi
Shot on location - at The Bank.
In The Parking Lot ...
by Richard david Renda
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