The Discovery Room made possible by The Edward John Noble Foundation was developed by
the Museum's Education Department and designed by the Museum's Exhibition Department. The
American Museum of Natural History is in New York City, on Central Park West between 77th and
81st Street.

We would like to take a moment to welcome another great Mind of Wonder to The World of Totally
Cool : "The QuizMaster Special K." Everyone -- likes to be entertained. But can you take the
challenge ? Kenny The Quizmaster will really take you there. If you can answer one of his
questions you are good ! If you do better than that pat yourself on the back. We thought this was
one of Special K's easier challenges:
John Wayne won an Oscar for what film ?
c. 2001 Richard david Renda ToTaLLy CoOL
Year 2001

Music coming through:
Mystic Fiddler
Lorenza Ponce
Vibe Records

Totally Cool

Gods have spoken on Mt. Olympus - In The "Chatter Box" again for the Photo Buff. Keeping An
Eye Out -- as a blurb, the Camedia D-510 Zoom from Olympus offers 4 preset resolution levels and
the ability to record full motion video as well. With QuickTime Movie Mode
the D-510 records up to
65 seconds of full motion video and sound at 15 frames per second on a standard 8MB SmartMedia
card. Also good for e-mailing short videos. For digital stills you get to choose the
1600 x 1200
resolution for 8" x 10" photo-quality prints, or 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768 and 640 x 480
settings to
best match the desired image quality for the intended application.

Starry Nights -
How about a
Coctail at the
I'll meet you
in New York.
Do Remember. The Mosquitos have arrived May 8th year 2001
with that Deadly New York "West Nile Virus."
Pass The Word.
All The Mosquito Prevention Info you need to know is in The
Totally Cool
Archive at -- Look alive !
And don't get Bit ! Get Educated.
Help the people you love. Real
truth and heartfelt knowledge will
save -you- and those around you.
Time and Time again.

And for a special night out. A nice moment in time. Out of This World. Do something that is "out
of this World." By yourself or with a friend you can stop by one of the most Far Out Places on this
Planet. A Stellar experience of Live Jazz, delicious tapas, and Drinks. "Starry Nights - Under The
Sphere" at The Rose Center
for Earth and Space. The American Museum of Natural History is
pleased to be the Host for an evening many will not forget. The "Starry Night" entrance is on 81st
(just off Central Park West) New York City. Look -- for the Big White Sphere - in The City of
The World. This event occurs: every Friday Night from 6 - 8 p.m. The Music is Free ! Suggested
Museum admission. For more info: 212 769 5100 or

The Soho New York "Staley - Wise Gallery" presents through June 2 ... Erica Lennard -- The
Sensation of The Garden.

May / June ... Year 2001. And onward --

In The Chatter Box - A short apology to everyone as this issue of The Blurbs was delayed. Why ?
Because Space has gone to a bigger place. Light at the end of the tunnel. Presence, transition,
restructuring, and ... growth. It is called.
Do you know what light it is You see at the end of the
tunnel ? Daylight. Of course. No no. We are only teasing. (Actually the light you see at the end
of the tunnel is much more powerful than that.) We will keep you posted as the future develops.
Oooh oooh ... What's going on ???
Just stay tuned !

In ... The Big Gotham - And for a very special friend to Stylists & Company (a Network of Creative
Talents), Totally Cool , and The Fashion Industry: Hear Ye !
PAUSE your life one extra moment
and say a prayer for Niki Taylor ... We all hope that she gets better and that Life gives her a chance
to see the world again -- and -- to the Universe this writer would ask that we The World do not lose
her and her magical talents.
Did you ever see Niki smile ? When she does ... it is ... "Something
that comes from the heart."

In L.A. Every Tuesday night The Party reaches a fever under the
elegant and sexy roof of THE LOUNGE. This is a favorite spot
where celebrities just come and hang out. Actress Jenny McShane
performed live with her band "Little Ruby", classic rock and soul,
rhythm and blues. DJ Chris Paul from London on the discs spins
ultra cool dance cuts that English DJ's get on. The menu with it's
exotic food is very uummmm .... And it's okay to load up on calories.
You will burn them off on the dance floor ! (Dancing until 2:00am)
Out. The Night is In !
Hosted by Nathalie Dubois. The Lounge -
9077 Santa Monica Blvd., between Doheny & Robertson (just east
of Doheny, between The Troubador and Dan Tana's. Valet parking is

If you see a Typo
please tell us.
We would like
to have none.
Ahhh ... perfection.
Spring is the time to plan some goodness for the coming Summer. Then -- if you are in New York,
you should know about: "Shakespeare In The Park" (that is Central Park, New York City). A series
of Live performances on stage -with the Stars- under the Stars !
Hello, this is Free. Free ! The
first play is "Measure for Measure" starring Billy Crudup. The 2 part summer series starts early
June. "The Seagull" by Chekhov starring John Goodman, Philip Seymour Hoffman (Twister,
Magnolia, Boogie Nights), Kevin Kline, Natalie Portman,
Meryl Streep, and Christopher Walken
begins at the end of July (I'm going !!!!!!!). For info: 212 539 8750 Remember it's free. A little effort
leads to a big experience !

If You Are Going To Be Outside during the warm seasons be knowledgable. The West Nile Virus
Is out there. Cover yourself and live longer. Live to be a lot older ! If someone tries to undermine
environmental conditions and tell you not to be concerned, remember what was learned from the
A.I.D.S. cover-up.
"Knowledge is Prevention." Here are some up-to-date facts from extremely
credible sources: The virus kills people.
West Nile was found in more than 4000 birds tested from
12 states and Washington, D.C. Free-living mammal species (animals) in New York were found
positive for WNV for the first time in 2000. Eleven mosquito species were also found with WNV
including (this is important) species active at dawn and dusk, and those active during the day.
You know we love History, especially Natural History. That's right ! It is time for The American
Museum of Natural History
to get a mention. In June 2001 "The Discovery Room" is open to
the public. This interactive adventure offers families and especially children a gateway to the
wonders behind-the-scene.
A "hands on" look of the Museum and its science. Every major field
from anthropology to astrophysics are represented in The Discovery Room. Hunting for hidden
creatures. Taking on challenges from scientists. Assembling the cast skeleton of a 14 foot reptile
from the late Triassic period and handling real fossils. Search for Supernovae and asteroids. Or
track an Earthquake anywhere in the World on a three-drum seismograph. The Discovery Room
is also filled with a large sampling of materials that represent the Museum's 32 million specimens
and artifacts. from a 400 million year old Trilobite to a toy motorcycle made of recycled cans.

A Big Hello To Our Friends in that West Coast thing ! As the "rolling blackouts" continue. The HEAT
is on. The Sharper Image has a (Battery Operated) collar that keeps you warm in the cold and cooler
when its hot. You may want to have a look as an option in: the portable cool department. Some say if
you put the collar on your thigh you can warm the blood in your body -or- cool it ! ! ! When you're hot,
you're hot ! (F.Y.I. Actually ... it works.)

Erica Lennard at Staley Wise Gallery
Fashion Lensman Patrick McMullan
Photographs displayed through June 22 at The
Chelsea Eye Gallery, 157 West 19th Street, N.Y.C.
76 species of birds have been infected including 56 free-ranging native North American species,
6 captive North American species, 5 free-ranging non-native bird species, and 9 pet and exotic
zoo bird species. The USGS National Wildlife Health Center is also using its Biological Safety
Level 3 containment facility in Madison, Wis. to conduct research studies. The USGS recently
demonstrated that WNV could be transmitted from crow to crow in a confined experimental
study. It had been previously thought that the virus was transmitted only through the bite of a
mosquito. (If you do not understand what they just said, they said: once the virus was transmitted
via the mosquito it could then be transmitted from host to host. It did not need the mosquito to
spread more.) We posted this (FYI) factual information in hopes that if you were a knowledgable
person ...up-to-date... your life could be safer. And that also means -- happier. Totally Cool ! (United States Geological Survey and associated agencies.)

For The Computer -Bug- Intego Announces Windows Versions For Its Internet Security and Privacy
Intego, the leading developer of Macintosh Internet security utilities announced that its
entire product line of security programs will be available for Windows platforms. The first Windows
versions will be of the acclaimed NetBarrier personal firewall and the Content Barrier parental
control software in Q4 2001. NetBarrier provides three powerful modules: Firewall, Antivandal, and
Internet Filter to make NetBarrier the all-in-one solution for complete personal Internet security
with maximum ease of set-up and use.
Check it out.

A large 1.8" LCD display for enhanced playback and viewing options. Under $450. June 2001. The
D-510 ships with an 8MB SmartMedia card, USB cable, video out cable, Olympus Camedia Master
Utility software, 2 AA Alkaline batteries, strap, and manual.

The D-510 Zoom may be considered by anyone who
wants an easy to use, high quality 2.1-megapixel
point-and-shoot digital camera but does not want
to break the budget. For the experienced amateur
digital photographer, the D-510 Zoom has all the
qualities that make it perfect for travel, hobby or
even everyday use. It is small, versatile and user-
friendly. Olympus expects the D-510 Zoom to pick
up where the D-490 Zoom left off. The D-510 Zoom
USB AutoConnect feature allows photographers to
plug the camera directly into any USB configured
computer. No drivers or additional software required.

Rolling along ... Back on the East Coast. In
the continual. From The City of The World ...
beginners and the experienced can get some
extra training, comfortable riding time, and
insight on their inline skates. Moving right
along is a group that enjoys a glide in Central
Park. An in-line skating "outdoor schedule"
is posted at -- with
resources for those who are Watchin' The
Wheels Go Round. Word has it this is the
crowd Celebrity Skaters share their secrets
with. And do not bother being intimidated.
Everyone is invited.

Jerry Stiller
Ann Meara
Kelly Curtis
Joe Morton
Photos by
Shawn Ehlers
Off the beaten path -- Love Janis. If you love music relive
The Life of vocal great Janis Joplin with the blessings of
Big Brother -and- her Family. Laura and Michael Joplin
and the famed (infamous) backup band Big Brother (and
The Holding Company) amongst others came out for the
opening of this Off Broadway hit.
"Love, Janis." Playing
at The Village Theater (formerly The Village Gate and
Life). The Play is inspired by letters written by Janis
Joplin to her sister Laura as told in the book "
Janis." On the road to fame and fortune. Woe Woe
Yeah come a come a Woe Woe Yeah ... Just another
piece of my heart now b-a-b-y ... "Love, Janis" has 3
Ladies playing Janis Joplin as her sound lives forever,
again. If you missed that era in Music don't miss the
Village Theater presentation. Love, Janis. The entire
spoken text of Love, Janis comes directly from Janis
Joplin herself. In Greenwich Village, N.Y.C. - on Bleecker
Street (158), the Village Theater.

We Liked
It !
Love, Janis.
photos by
Shawn Ehlers
Mossimo is on Target with "Accessibility."
Launching a line of both female and male
Clothing along with accessories in Target
Department Stores. We spoke with
Mossimo on the subject. We asked
why Target ? The answer was simple.
Mossimo wanted to reach out to
communities all across America. And
Target Discount Retail Stores having
978 stores in 46 States can help.

But why would the Editorial Director allow Target
Department Stores to be recognized by "The
Official Editorial Authority" ToTaLLy CoOL ???
So we asked Him. "Target Stores give back more
than $ 1 million a week to its local communities
through Grants and Special Programs
." Since
its first store in 1962 Target has partnered with
nonprofit organizations, guests, and team
members to help meet community needs.
(Standard # 2: Durability. Enduring the test
of Time.) People helping people.

Avenue of the Americas
Michael & Eric
Bail out ! If you
order your McDonald's
fast food to be home
delivered and it takes
more than 2 hours ...
don't worry, it is not
your local McDonald's
screwing up. It is those
people (the switchboard)
sending them the order
which is the likely culprit.
(The inside Word.) Do not
fault the wrong people for
shoddy service. At McDonald's ...
And To start the weekend right. On Friday fly over to The Fenix
Room at that mystical Argyle Hotel on the Sunset Strip. Dancing
to the Latest and Best in House / Trance and Hip-Hop ! Weather
is perfect for enjoying coctails Poolside, overlooking all the
lights of L.A. - The City of Angels ! (The Dining Room has a cool
eclectic fare. Excellent for small and large dinner parties.)

If you are going on a ROMANTIC DATE, or are looking for
New Romance then put on your Friday night best and go to
a Party ! MACAFRICA, DK, and NATALIE DU BOIS invite you
Club) 8358 Sunset Blvd. Just East of The House of Blues.
P.S. If you are in L.A. -- The Fly on the Wall says that Jeff
Goldblum is doing the piano gig
from time to time at The Lounge
(Tuesdays). Check the schedule.

On Thursday L.A. way - MacAfrica, DK and Eric Todd. By popular demand BARFLY Thursdays with
DJ Crash ! The Sushi Bar is back ! The Continental Kitchen is back ! NO COVER CHARGE is back !
By popular demand Doorman Steve is back ! And ... by popular demand, they want you back.
BARFLY - 8730 W. Sunset Blvd, West of La Cienega (between Le Dome and Mirabelle's. Valet
parking is available. Do not park in the Sunset Plaza Drive parking. They Tow.)

If you are Clubbing in The City of The World.
You may want to find Shampoo for a late
night in New York City (til 4 a.m. on
Avenue A). Friday and Saturday nights
they say are cool for walk-ins.
They haven't closed them down ... yet.

Love Janis.
"Friendship Day" is the 1st
Sunday in August !
forget to say "Happy
Friendship Day" to your

Niki Taylor - 1993 Harper's Bazaar
photographer: Rico Puhlmann
stylists: Laurie Schechter / LS Productions
Stylists & Company.
"Life IS Bizarre."
A wise man once said.
Hi everyone, - Computer Virus Warning -

I never received this virus. This is just a Warning. I
always check out VIRUS WARNINGS in case. Some
of them are a hoax, but this one is for real. About 20
people have e-mailed me about it. You can search for
any virus if you get a warning from a friend. Just go to
whichever browser you use, and on the address line
type in the name of the virus, leave a space, and type
in the word virus after the name (eg homepage virus)
Then hit enter. The search will return many helpful
links including FIXES. The most trusted are McAfee
and Symantec Sites. Make a note of this search in
the future. It will come in handy.

On the subject line it says "Homepage" The message
says " Hi ! You've got to see this page ! It's really
cool ;o) "
I hope this will help some of you.

A LITTLE TIP: A computer friend told me NEVER to
open up an attachment that says .EXE .COM .VBS.

This was one I received this morning from a
friend. This virus does not corrode your hard drive,
it opens up pornography sites but there is a virus
"The Homepage" virus was sent to me, and when I
clicked on the attachment icon it went into my entire
address book and sent it to you. I don't know what it
does besides the fact that it sent itself to all of you.
Please use an anti virus system if you get infected to
remove it....or simply do not open any attachments.
I'm so bummed......
Dettre Deborah Schmidt

Another message from (name withheld)

Please DO NOT open any of the emails Trixie had just
sent earlier called "homepage." We are all hit w/the
virus. **** If you see lots of emails w/the same subject,
please do not open, obviously that is not a good sign.
Please just delete them. If you have any questions,
please call us. Apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you, Sheyenne.

My friend Sam Park sent me this as well:

"Hi All: Here's info on the latest virus from the same lovable,
zit-faced VBS programmers that brought you the Anna
Kournikova mess. Keep an eye out for it and just delete the
e-mail if you receive it --don't open or download the attachment.
Ciao, Lysa :-)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
New Variant of Anna Kournikova Worm Spreads

The virus, which appears in e-mail in-boxes with the subject
line "Homepage" and body text reading: " You've got to see
this page ! It's really cool ;O) " spreads itself by e-mail using
Microsoft Outlook e-mail client and VBS.

Click here for the full news story:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lysa Parker
Marketing Communications Manager
BellSouth - Large Business Advertising

Denise Vetter sent this to me

YA ! djv ;->

New 'Homepage' worm rated X Spreading faster than the
Kournikova ? This latest worm will forward an e-mail to all
the people in a victim's address book and open one of four
pornographic Web pages. By Will Knight, ZDNet (UK)

The worm, known to virus experts as VBS.VBSWG2, and
dubbed Homepage, has been reported at scores of companies,
according to antivirus vendors who say it is likely to hit more
firms. According to experts, the worm will not cause damage
to the computer system that receives the initial e-mail, but
could bring down corporate mail servers by sending thousands
of copies of itself. Experts also say that it is moving at a
formidable rate. MessageLabs, a UK company that tracks
the spread of computer viruses and worms, says in one
evening it has seen more than 8000 copies of the Homepage
pass through its servers. Similarities to Kournikova "Early
propogation reports indicate that this virus is spreading faster
than many of the biggest viruses we saw last year", says
Mikko Hypponen of Finnish antivirus firm F-Secure. " It
seems to be spreading faster, like Anna Kournikova".

Antivirus vendor Symantec said that mid May more than 30 companies reported receiving the worm.
UK-based antivirus company Sohpos reported that 40 of its corporate customers have been hit so far
and F-Secure said it has received over 30 reports. The e-mail spreading the worm claims to contain
a page that is guaranteed to become the next Internet craze. It has the subject line "Homepage", and
message, "Hi! You've got to see this page. It's really cool ;o)". The attached file-Homepage.html.vbs is
not an html document, but a malicious Visual Basic script. Once executed, the script will forward the
same email on to all the people in a victim's address book and automatically open one of 4 pornographic
Web pages on the user's computer. According to experts, the malicious email attachment uses similar
code to the Kournikova worm, which spread quickly around the world by encouraging victims to click on
a supposed picture of the Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova.

Graham Cluley, head of research at Sophos, said the new worm illustrates that users need to be alert
to the danger of e-mail attachments. "It's not even a particularly clever bit of social engineering," he says.
"It just says 'this is cool'." What is most disturbing about the success of the Homepage worm, according
to Cluley, is that many companies are still not blocking Visual Basic attachments from entering the
company -- they could easily do so with basic filtering technology.

Eric Chien, chief researcher at Symantec's Antivirus Research Centre (SARC), predicts that Homepage
will be seen at more companies. "The average corporate customer will probably see it on their mail
server," he said.

Look Alive ! A Big "Thank You" to everyone who contributed to this Blurb - ( Alert !)
And ... a very special "thank you" to MacAfrica for the red flag. The Word. Week 2. May. Year 2001.

For a little update:
Niki is doing well
as injuries heal from
the end of April car
crash. We wish her
all the best.
Welcome to The Editorial Project.

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