February 10th

HEAR Ye ! HEAR Ye ! On this particular day - one more time - in the name of The C.F.D.A.,
Fern Mallis, Stan Herman AND now MERCEDES BENZ -
that well known Editor Richard Renda
(Totally Cool ), was again manhandled and dragged
halfway down the side of a Runway, in
front of a full house with all peoples present. Horrified guests and Security all have voiced
what they saw happen. Mr. Renda was asked by the Designer's representative to help
organize the house and for that he was manhandled by people who 1. can not keep their
hands to themselves and 2. by people who are bent on control and total manipulation of a
free World to feed their own ego. Mr. Renda is the leading member and one of the most
Senior press people -front and center- of the New York International Press Corp. He knows
the rules better than anyone else. Matter of fact: he wrote some for what was once known as
" 7th on Sixth." Let this be fair warning: if Mr. Renda is touched or disturbed in any way by
any employee of any agency at any time further during Fashion Week 2001 we will print,
without any withholding, the whole story of Fern Mallis, the C.F.D.A., and 7th on Sixth.
Mr. Marshall, esq be advised you are on call.

Also - when the C.F.D.A. FAILED to video tape one of the most Legendary Fashion Shows
ever (Philip Treacy 1996), which angered many Editors including Liz Tilberis, it was all of
The C.F.D.A. who brought "Him" Mr. Renda in as they requested that he save their ass.
And Mr. Renda is the same person who (in 12 seconds) in the Year 2000 saved Oscar de la
Renta's runway show from being a full fledged fiasco as he single handedly derailed a PETA
attack. But you should only hear about what they did to "HIM" at Chelsea Piers. Mr. Herman
any other disturbances upon Mr Renda and we will print the 12 page letter to you from Him
regarding the events of The Chelsea Piers so called " 7th on Sixth." And we will tell of how
you all rented Richard Renda and Smash Box Cosmetics radios and then accused Him of
stealing the radios he was using that you all gave Him (which included Police) or how about
when you told Him where to go to the bathroom and then you grabbed his credentials off his
chest and caused a 2 day upset because he did exactly what you all told Him to do. This is
just a little of all there is. Rumor has it that Fern Mallis recently said: The press don't count
- they are the "B" group. Before " 7th on Sixth " Fern Mallis was no one and nothing but
an employee in an industry that gets little attention. Then she entered the real Fashionable
World. It is the whole Press Corp and Editors that have made Fern Mallis what she is
today and that paid her $250,000 a year plus perks. How she cares little and forgets much
and takes all. Thinking it will go away. But they should all remember that it is Mr. Renda
who has been there since day one. Regarding Fern Mallis, he was there for her before that.
Some people should learn the words "gross negligence", "failure to properly train, instruct,
supervise." Let it be known. Pass The Word.
Welcome to The Editorial Project.

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Year 2001

FEBRUARY 7th ...

Totally Cool ... Friends and Associates send "Many Best Wishes" To Everyone at The
Worldwide Showing of The Winter Collections 2002 " 7th on Sixth." We would also like to take
This Moment to say "Thank You to General Motors, All The Sponsors, and Designers for their
past dedication, support, and superb productions." And, the New York International Press Corp
is Proud to Introduce -- Welcome Mercedes Benz as the 2001 Sponsor of " 7th on Sixth - The
Fashion Collections Winter 2002 ", at Bryant Park, N.Y.C. February 8 - 16, 2001.

And In The Chatter Box -- we also wanted to wish IMG Best of Luck on their New Endeavors !

Music coming through:
Peggy Cone and
The Central Park Stompers
The Central Park Stomp
Vatican Eyeing Isidore As Cyberspace Patron Saint
VATICAN CITY - The Word has it ... Pope John Paul is considering naming Saint Isidore of Seville
the patron saint of Internet users and computer programmers. Saint Isidore, who lived in the 7th
century, was believed to have written the world's first encyclopaedia, the Etymologies, which
included entries on medicine, mathematics, history and theology. (News source: Reuters)

Boy Pulls Sword From Stone - Winter 2001 February New York City Weather sees "mild" days,
reaching 50 degress for a high. A little wet occasionally. (The signs of Spring.) You can paint your
boat bottom at 50 degrees. Really. (Connecticut and New England nearby received 3 feet of snow.)

Setting The Record Straight ! New York Magazine February 12, 2001 issue writes a patronage
article to Tommy Hilfiger, appearing Fashion Week 2001. Rene Chun who writes the story gives
"credit" for the introducing of The Hilfiger Jeans Line to inner city U.S.A. to a rapper, Snoop Dogg
March 1994" - that is a lie and wholly false. (And Rene you know it. Just because some names are
famous enough for your editor does not give you the Liberty to take away "credit" from someone
where: "credit is due.")
In Fact -- Tommy Hilfiger Jeans clothing was "introduced" to all of inner
City in the United States and Globally - worldwide - by: "Ricki Lake"
Winter 1994 -- "The Ricki Lake
Talk Show: Summer Beach Party." A show episode that aired multiple times over a period of months.
Credit given where credit due. Ricki Lake at that time reached 85% of American households and
aired in some areas as much as 3 times a day. The editor who created the Rolling Stone Magazine
Fashion Section and Department said, Snoop Dogg never set a "Trend", except for
maybe his hair
Now Credit is given where credit due.

BVLGARI Heats Up South Beach with an Exclusive " Love Of LogoMania " Valentine's Day Fashion
Show and one-of-a-kind Jewelry Collection. Thursday February 8 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Crobar in
Miami Beach over 400 pieces of luxurious Bvlgari jewels, Logomania Swimsuits, and Dresses are
displayed for photo ops. Mexican Singer Alejandra Guzman performs and DJ Tracy Young spinning
the disc.

The United States Space Shuttle becomes: " Destiny in Space. "


Ron Chereskin Men's Wear begins New York City's Big Gotham Fashion Week presentation
"Under The Tents" in Bryant Park - Avenue of the Americas & 42nd Street. "Look Into The
Future." Fashion 2002. This is 2001. The Word is ... you can Start Counting -- because: you
really do count. Someone should say. This is your World. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
also fondly known as
7th on Sixth, has opened with a run of the fashion wares from the standard
Wall Street Suit to Mad Max (a road rogue warrior), Coats made for The Space Age -- and ... The
Cutting Edge ladies spiked. Tight shiny Pants, Tops, Neck and Hipwear. It is a good beginning
to the Age of Electricity - The New Millennium. The Celebration of Life and Time ... creativity.

The Word has it that Donovan Leitch (the son of that very cool "Mellow Yellow" 1960's Rock n'
Roller known also as Donovan) has got that music thing going on. Donovan
and (son of 60's
icon pop Rocker Michael Nesmith of The Monkees)
Jason Nesmith release an album in Stores
September 2001 on Mammoth Records. The Band is called: Nancy Boy.

Totally Cool

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