To Be or Not To Be ... is really the question. Guess it just depends on how good your
connection is. Word has it that "smoking pipes" were found buried in the backyard of William
Shakespeare's old digs - "with marijuana residue" in them. Yeah ... wonder why ? To be or not
to be -- like a rolling stone. Sorry - wrong era. Ya never know, maybe Bob Dylan and William
Shakespeare are kindred spirits or kindreds with lots of Spirit. So this is what they meant when
they said ... "Something Stinks In Denmark" ??? Funny. It must have all gone (up in smoke).
Stop laughing. You're smoking too much. I mean, you're laughing too much. Something like
that. Never mind - it must have been the stuff was just that good. I don't recall. Here -- have
another glass of red wine.

Adrienne Landau - Who stole the show ? It could be you with one of Adrienne's fine
accessories including: fur wraps, collars
(Love those collars, they go with everything), also
cuffs, chiffon stoles, wraps, scarves, and much more. This is true. Who stole the show ?

Chef Rocco DiSpirito is in L.A. for The Food & Wine Magazine party at the newly-opened
Moomba. He'll be whipping up hors d'oeuvres on Wednesday, March 21st in the early

And for the inside scoop - The Governor's Suite at L'Ermitage is open on Tuesday, March 20th
through Sunday, March 29th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. -- it's by invitation only. Of course. So do
call first.

Welcome to The Editorial Project.

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Year 2001

Music coming through:
Six Hundred Sixty Six
Universal Records

Totally Cool

And onward --
March ... Year 2001.

Out of This World. That's right, do something that is out of this World. Grab a Friend and stop by
one of the most Far Out Places on this Planet. A Stellar evening of Live Jazz, delicious tapas, and
"Starry Nights - Under The Sphere" at The Rose Center for Earth and Space. Yes believe
or not. It is the American Museum of Natural History that will be your Host. The "Starry Night"
is on 81st Street (just off Central Park West) New York City. Look -- for the Big White
- in The City of The World. This event occurs: Every Friday Night from 6 - 8 p.m. The
Music is Free ! Suggested Museum admission. For more info: 212 769 5100 or

In The "Chatter Box" grouped together in the Governor's Suite at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly
Hills it's going to be a week - long - happening with some magnificent things going on. Oscar Time.

Fred Segal Essentials: Santa Monica store owner Robin Coe-Hutshing has assembled some of her
best friends in the beauty treatment arena for brow waxing, light acupuncture, hot towel shaves for
men and more. Complimentary services for celebrities and press.

call Tracy at Ted Inc. in the West Coast office at 323 966 5550 and ask to book an appointment.

Diane Von Furstenburg for the first time brings her signature look to The Oscar Awards
Ceremony (and she'll be on hand to help Celebs and Editors to pick the perfect one to show
off). Contact Diane early, because some of her Creations are already spoken for. If you are doing The Oscar Awards Event drop by and enter their Oscar insider
sweepstakes for the chance to win a great prize. You might bump into the
camera crew who will be out and about interviewing designers and celebrities. (Don't forget
to say: " TOTALLY COOL ! ")

Also happening at Oscar - Farn Fragrances. Be one of the first to sample Vivienne Westwood's
Libertine, which will be in stores for Autumn 2001.
Starry Nights
The Lambertson-Truex boys have sent some custom hand bags and shoes for The Oscars,
and - surprise, surprise - it's all about crocodile. There's a rumor that some of the bags have
diamond clasps. (Hey Mr. Lambertson, "Best of Luck" from Totally Cool & the crew. Ms. LS
sends "Lots of Love !")

Is your color Out of Focus for The Oscars ??? Helena Rubinstein Time for a touch up ? Have
makeup artist Heather Canavan brighten your outlook by brightening your look with new beauty
and spa products including Crescendo Mascara: Art of Spa Energizing and Relaxing Rituals
lotions, mists, creams. and gels ... and five shades of Ritual Colour Jellies, a new nail lacquer
that will impart delectable brilliance to fingers and toes. By appointment only ...
( yes, again call
Tracy ! )

It's Going To Get Very HOT Soon - The Mosquitos will be coming and also with their Deadly
"West Nile Virus." Pass The Word.
The Mosquito Prevention Info - all you need to know - is
in The Totally Cool Archive at ( the "Mosquitos Expose" ) Don't get
Bit ! Get Educated. And protect those you love.

Speaking of Hot - talk about something New - Panasonic (that reliable Electronic maker) is
coming out with their next line of Air Conditioners. What they have done is put Temperature
Control at the User's Fingertips
with the introduction of 7 New Air Conditioners, 4 of which
feature a new Remote Control, LCD display, 12 hour delay Off Setting Timer, and an economy
operation mode that helps save energy. Some of the Air Conditioners have an "e+ filter" which
helps filter out certain unwanted airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke.

Back In New York "Staley - Wise Gallery" March 9 through April 21 - year 2001 - presents the
Photographic Works of
Robert Doisneau - something to see ! Robert is the photographer who
shot that very famous (cir. 1900's) picture of
The Sailor Kissing The Girl on " V-Day " in Times
Square, N.Y.C. - (" V - Day " is the day World War II ends, more or less. If you didn't know).

Les Chiens de la Chapelle
1953 by Robert Doisneau

To Be or Not To Be ... a Wireless Computer ??? Intego NET BARRIER BLOCKS INTRUSION
ATTEMPTS ON WIRELESS NETWORKS. The leading developer of Macintosh Internet security
utilities announced that NetBarrier, the personal Firewall program for the Macintosh machine,
provides full protection from hacker and vandal attacks coming over the Internet -- even from
intrusion attempts on wireless networks. Engineers at Berkeley University have recently
discovered that the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) algorithm, which is part of the 802.11
standard (used by Apple AirPort networks) contains flaws and is vulnerable to hacker attacks.
They recommend that "anyone using an 802.11 wireless network not rely on WEP for security ...
and employ other security measures to protect their wireless network."

Now if you are bouncing Back and Forth - New York to L.A. - and you want a Party ... It's Party
Time ! ! ! The Word has it that
a Party Party is happening at The Argyle - Sunset Boulevard -
in L.A. on Friday Nights in The Fenix Room from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. (8358 Sunset Blvd.) Live
Entertainment. DJ Bugsy. Rsvp number 310 660 6882, Dinner Reservations 323 848 6677.
Dress: Upscale (we don't have to tell you -- Chic will do just fine). And have a Grand Time.

The Argyle - Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
If you are into Art - Wrap It Up ! In a colorful
way. Jacques Lieberman,
American Artist of
Great Beauty, has begun introducing his line
of Scarves - going forward. Simply put: they
are "Art To Wear." Mr. Lieberman's works
were also featured at the ArtExpo 2001 held
in New York City. Jacques Lieberman Editions
are available on Mercer Street. 212 219 0939.

Van Cleef & Arpels: A stunning collection of jewelry will be on view, including a "show stopping"
pear-shaped ring set in platinum (
but don't ask to wear it to the Oscars- it is promised to Joan
Rivers) ... Under glass and key of course.

As an Extra little Blurb Adrienne
Landau appeared recently on:
Totally Cool "Takes You There" ...
Totally Cool broadcast Programing,
Manhattan Time Warner Cable TV --
Everyone had fun playing with her fur !
Looked good too ! ! ! Totally ---- .

Olympus Marches Onward with their point and shoot Digital Cameras. Affordable
for the shooter with a Budget. A resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. And there is 128mb
Smart Card option available. The Olympus "Camedia Brio D - 100" has a Digital
Telephoto Auto Focus Lens (36mm to 72mm in 35mm format). On the shelves May
2001. To keep you "Plugged In." Good for the computer too.

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