Back on the East Coast. To really get rolling. In the continual. Also from The City of The World ...
beginners and those experienced can get some extra training, comfortable riding time, and insight
on their inline skates. Moving right along is a group that enjoys the glide in Central Park. An
"outdoor schedule" is posted at -- with resources for the sport. The Word
has it this is the group that even Celebrity Skaters share their skills with group. And don't be
intimidated. Everyone is invited.

c. 2001 Richard david Renda
The American Orchid Society presents their flower shows all around the Country. If you are into
Orchids and want to know more the schedule blossoms at

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Year 2001

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Down Home Live
Make A Change
Tomorrow Records
Buckwheat Zydeco
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The Gods have spoken on MT. OLYMPUS - In The "Chatter Box." For the Photo Buff. It has
arrived. What is it ?
"The smallest 10X optical Zoom digital camera in the World." So they say. And
Olympus is known for delivering on their promise. The Camedia"C 700" is about the size of a pack
of cigarettes. Sequence timing shot to shot it claims 1.8 frames per second. So ...Take the shot !

Starry Nights
Do Remember. It's Going To Get
Very HOT Soon - The Mosquitos
will be coming. Some with that
Deadly New York "West Nile Virus."
Pass The Word. All The Mosquito
Prevention Info
you need to know
is in The Totally Cool Archive at -- Look alive !
And don't get Bit ! Get Educated.
Help the people you love. Real
truth and heartfelt knowledge will
save you and those around you
over Time and Time again.

At the New York Open Center Gallery, 83 Spring Street in Manhattan between Broadway and
Lafayette Street, through May 4, 2001 ... Samantha Stephenson shows her Paintings "Vision -
Dreams - Imaginings" based on meditation, day and night dreams,
and what is from the reaches
of inside. A what to know about. Soho is culture.

And for the P.S.S. A nice moment time. Out of This World. Do something that is out of this World.
By yourself or with a friend you can stop by one of the most Far Out Places on this Planet. A
Stellar experience of Live Jazz, delicious tapas, and Drinks.
"Starry Nights - Under The Sphere"
at The Rose Center for Earth and Space. The American Museum of Natural History is pleased to
be the Host for an evening many will not forget. The
"Starry Night" entrance is on 81st Street
(just off Central Park West) New York City. Look -- for the Big White Sphere - in The City of The
World. This event occurs: every Friday Night from 6 - 8 p.m. The Music is Free ! Suggested
Museum admission. For more info: 212 769 5100 or

April ... Year 2001. And onward --

Blurbs On The Top of our head ... April is really about Time. It means Spring. Hats and Flowers.
The Warmth of the Summer Sun. East to West and around the World Celebrations take place.
Ashaura, Passover, Palm Sunday, Easter to name a few into May Day. Blossoms bloom as
Botanical Gardens invite you to take a stroll on a nice day.
Macy's at 34th Street and Broadway in New York City welcomes all visitors to experience their
annual Flower Show
"The World's Largest Indoor Garden" which fills the whole main floor with
Trees, topiaries and exotic plants. Not to be missed are the many new flowers added to the Show:
red and blue Lupines; Gold Flame Spirea and Eastern Redbands. Some of The Best Things in
Life Are Free. And "This Is" one of them. Your quest is just to be there. As they say ... "Seeing
is believing !" "The Celebration of The First Spring of The New Millennium." The wIndows on
Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets greet shoppers and passersby with a Magical Theme:
Butterflies. If you are on the East Coast in The Big Gotham do not miss this feast for sore eyes.

In ... The Big Gotham - also known as The City of The World - a major Bicycle tour takes place.
"The Great Five Boro Bike Tour." A United Nations "International Year of Volunteers" Event.
Treads roll in Manhattan at Battery Park. 6:30 - 7:30 a.m rain or shine. The date is: May 6, 2001.
Radio personality "Cousin Brucie" Bruce Morrow from WCBS-FM gets the ride going.
P.S. -- Don't forget. VIRUS ALERT ! ! ! Received communique. FORWARD ! ... This was sent to
us via Alaska Airlines. "Spoke with the supervisor who sent it and it appears to be true. There are
2 URL's you may want to check out. Anyway it is something to flag if it comes in.
This is not a Joke.
A new virus has just been discovered that has been classified by Microsoft (
and by -- McAfee ( as the most destructive ever." The
virus discovered by McAfee came with a warning:
no vaccine has yet been developed. This virus
simply destroys Sector Zero from the hard disk -- where vital information for its functioning are
stored. This virus acts in the following manner: It sends itself automatically to all contacts on your
list with the title
"A Virtual Card for You."

As soon as the supposed virtual card is opened, the computer freezes so that the user has to
reboot. When the ctrl+alt+del keys or the reset button are pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero,
thus permanently destroying the hard disk. In just a few hours this virus caused panic in New York.
According to News broadcasts by CNN ( This alert was received by an employee of
Microsoft itself. So don't open any mails with subject "A Virtual Card for You." As soon as you get
the mail, delete it. Pass this on to all your friends. And send it to everyone in your address book.
We would all rather receive this message -- instead of not being able get any messages at all.

Also ... Intel announced that another very destructive virus was
discovered. If you receive an email called "An Internet Flower For
do not open it. Delete it right away ! This virus removes all
dynamic link libraries (.dll files) from your computer. Your
computer will not be able to boot up.
TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST ! (very special "thank
yous" to those that hook us up and are In The Loop - you all know
who you are ... we appreciated it ! Brian, Chris, and Jean: input
input ! Thanks. No ... Short Circuit. "No disassemble."

It's Party Time ! ! ! In L.A., Tuesday night The LATIN Lounge writes a story with a packed house. And
of course the hippest of Celebrities. The Partiers who have been to Industry
TUESDAY are the ones
on the know. It is a place to check out. Accomplished actor Joey Gian (from such top TV series as,
"Knots Landing", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Hooperman" and known as the new voice from MGM's hit
film "Return To Me", starring Minnie Driver and David Duchovny) began Spring with a return Lounge
performance. Joey also opened up for Ray Charles and performed at a private party in Las Vegas for
Celine Dion. (Bit of knowledge for those on the "in".)
MacAfrica and DK present "Industry Night" (the
Only Industry Night) on Tuesday. Maybe have dinner with the same chef of rave reviews.
The Latin
Lounge is at 9077 Santa Monica Blvd., between Doheny & Robertson, just east of Doheny. To make
dinner reservations or be placed on Mac
(No cover !) Comp list RSVP: -
To get on Mac's guest list they request that you please specify how many women and men will be
coming. (Is that open for comment :) See you on the dance floor. Event Producer ... P.O. Box 18784
Encino, California 91416.

The New York "Staley - Wise Gallery" through April 21 - year 2001 - presents Photographic
Works of
Robert Doisneau - Another something definitely worth seeing ! Robert is ... "the"
photographer who shot that very famous (cir. 1900's) picture of
The Sailor Kissing The Girl
on " V-Day " in Times Square, N.Y.C. - (" V - Day ." You know, the day World War II "officially"
ends, more or less. ) April 27 - June 2 Erica Lennard and The Sensation of The Garden.

If you see a Typo
please tell us.
We would like
to have none.
Ahhh ... perfection.
For those who do not feel like Biking on Sunday -- they can walk on Saturday and help raise money
for women's cancers. Joining
The Revlon 4th Annual Run / Walk for Women - May 5th - is Kristin
Davis (Charlotte from HBO's "Sex And The City") as the Host ... with Queen Latifah as a Special
Guest, along with Revlon spokesladies Halle Berry and Karen Duffy. Starting line is 48th Street
and 7th Avenue but Opening Ceremonies are held in Times Square.

Life is A Circus and an Elephant never forgets ! ! ! The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus hit
the road. In New York City at Madison Square Garden until April 15th, next stop Philadelphia April
18th to the 29th. And then ... across America. This Circus is a fun time for all ages. The three ring
performances have people looking at amazing visuals during every moment while anticipating
what will come next. If you want to smile from ear to ear this is something you and the family
should not miss. Do it at least one time in this Lifetime. A "First Hand Experience" is what we are
talking about. Life is a Circus.

Natural History - That's right !
Getting further in Time. On April
26th year 2001 from 11 a.m - 1 p.m.
the American Museum of Natural
History and The New York Times
News periodical celebrates a Time
Capsule placed at the plaza of the
Judy and Josh Weston Pavillion
Columbus Avenue and 79th Street.
To be opened in The Year 3000. A
little FYI. Waiting to Happen.

Not to be
opened until
The Year
A Big Hello To Our Friends in L.A. ! As the "rolling blackout" thing continues to keep people in the
dark a pianoman (in intimate settings) puts some brightness back into the City of Angels. The Word
is, from the fly on the wall: Jeff Goldblum returned to L.A. back from shooting "IGBY Goes To Town"
(a movie in New York) and Jeff got on the Stage for the re opening of MacMondays at a Hot spot:
Las Palmas as he gets down with that piano and The Mildred Snitzer Ochestra. New tunes, new
clothes, new attitude, and ... new haircuts ! If you roll on over to The Latin Lounge the blackouts
could continue (but do make sure someone else is driving). (You could find it hard to see if all the
lights were out ... remember ? Well -- at least hard to see in this World. Never mind.)

Courtesy of The Tavern On The Green
Spring 2001

Did you say this photo was
an Electric Shot -- or what ???
"You Have
To Be Faster
Than That"

When It Is
Him Pushing
The Buttons.
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Bike New York
From The Top Of Our Heads
The Macy's 2001 Spring
Flower Spectacular.
A Pet-acular Event !
All Photos appearing here were
shot on the Panasonic SD 5000 3.3
megapixel digital still camera.
Elephant never forgets ...
courtesy of Ringling Bros.
Elephants Never Forget !
Photos by Richard Renda
Erica Lennard
If you got
this far here
is the inner scoop
Patrick McMullan
Photographs April 20 - June 22
The Gallery At Chelsea Eve
157 West 19th Street, N.Y.C.
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