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Year 2001

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And onward --
FEBRUARY 17th ... Year 2001.

Stylist Christine de Lassus and Coogi (as The Word goes) -- along with a team of Cool Mad Max
warriors, Ward from Bumble + Bumble on hair, Scott Andrew on make-up, conjured up a vision for
a walkabout in what would be Winter 2002. Layers of lasered shearlings, pony, kangaroo, printed
leathers mixed with silk, cashmere, cotton jacquards and the Models' own bare skin for traveling
the road ahead in sexy confident comfort. Where we will be walking and in what world who knows
-- but it is not the world as we know it now.

Bernard Figueroa, independent shoe designer, was featured on the feet of the Models walking
The Cat Walk in two widely divergent designers' collections this season. The uptown Michael
Kors and the downtown design duo Alonzo, another name to watch.

In The "Chatter Box" The Word has it. To Spring 2001 Post Brand Cereals will feature in their
boxes baseball cards: Major League Baseball Cards, MLB. Now That's a Hit ! The Stylist knows.

"The Weather Has Changed" -- There is a fact. The Winter 2001 Celebration of The Fall 2001 /
WInter 2002 Fashion Collections in Bryant Park at 42nd Street ended Friday February 16th and
with it the nice weather. Friday night finished the 9 day run of beautiful Weather "with clouds"
and rain. Temperatures dropped below 30 degrees (F.) and in some place to 18 (F.) degrees at
night. That's cold. It will get nice again eventually.

Keeping Fashionably Close.
Micky Hansen with Jenna Jamison.
We Always Love A Good Hug.

The All Girl singing group "Allure" have a some thing goin' on ! Stay Tuned.

A certain photographer talking at Laura Belle's over audio being preserved for other generations
should also learn
The Word more than "humble." As where there is a running of the mouth there
is also a photo. Of course the mouth on audio ego boast -- it is the same publication that shunned
Geoffrey Beene famed Seventh Avenue fashion designer of 30 years. Geoffrey and I are of the
same crowd. The "D" and "C" group (the we "
Don't Care" who the hell you think you are group).
We remain. And Preserve. The ego of the photog was to say "They're a big company." Threaten
me like a gun at my head. No one is bigger than Life and no one is above "Cool" -- Gianni Versace
will tell you that. So consider this a small Slam Dunk. If you were not my friend, for what you did
to The Lady, your name would be posted and your picture and your publication would just gain
one more enemy. Me. And then some. Also you could think about your job and your Future at
that Point. Signed, Him. We are all friends. And we work " together." You are there to make
money. We are there to preserve History and all those who work hard. We show them to The
World. Piss Nature off and who knows more "stock" could fall. People could lose even more
Mega Bucks, jobs, etc. -- And all you have is one hell of an angry Universe. Maybe people should
learn to "save as." Be nice. Co-operative. People are assets not Liabilities. The Word is not
"competitive" ... it is "interactive."

57th Street designer Zang Toi capped off fashion week (yes it is true editors and lenspeople did
get "stuck" in the elevator for some time) with the showing of the Fall collection in his beautiful
new duplex showroom space Friday night the same space in which later that night Al Pacino
and crew would be shooting. The collection, "An Asian in Scotland", replete with gorgeous
head-to-toe tweeds, herringbones, and, - naturally - "plaids" (many trimmed in fur) also included
some exquisite menswear. Among the men's silhouettes were of course kilts, one of which
Zang Toi sported himself in the "mini" version. When asked "Are you regulation under there?'"
he replied "Not now, but maybe later. We're having a party !"

That Lensman who took down P.E.T.A. at Oscar de la Renta's in February 2000 started a trend and
obviously made a statement. Fur and Leather. If it looks good and You Choose to wear it - that is
your Freedom. Almost every Fashion Designer presenting their creations at the New York City
Worldwide Fall 2001 / Winter 2002 runways honored Fur by using it their collections. There is a
first ... for a long time. And onward we go !

A BIG "Thank You" goes out to PANASONIC for helping us preserve
the precious moments Life has to offer and to show it to those who
would like to see. The point and shoot Digital Video Camera PV-DV
200D that also shoots stills is a good budget buy and is a great tool
for on the go. Easy for anyone to use, with few problems. The 3.3
mega pixel Pavasonic PV - SD 5000 still camera has a response time
to be considered but other than that - a great savings in Film costs for
all photographers around the world. Not bad Panasonic, not bad !

"Brynja" Jewelry
For The Soul To Wear

Zang Toi
Winter 2002
Geoffrey Beene
Fall 2001
Winter 2002
Zang Toi in "mini" Kilt
Marcus covering The Shows
Geoffrey Beene
Fall 2001
Winter 2002
Totally Cool
Francois Girbaud
shot on Panasonic
3.3 mega pixel

" Living In A Movie Title.
2001: A Space Odyssey."

photo credit:
Geoffrey Beene,
Marcus, and Girbaud ...
Laurie S. Schechter

Zang Toi
By Richard david Renda
February 16 Blurb.
See ?

February 15. Year 2001
Angel Sanchez
Fall 2001 / Winter 2002
Fashion Collection N.Y.C.
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