c. 2001 Richard david Renda
Penelope-Cruz - a Presenter of the Oscar Award showed off the Trompe l'Oeil diamond bracelet
with matching drop earrings and an oval diamond ring. That
Halle Berry - Presenter and 2001
Golden Globe winner
strutted her stuff with the Floral marquis diamond bracelet in platinum and
pear-shaped diamond drop earrings from the Bvlgan International Collection.
Benicio Del Toro -
Nominee, Best Supporting Actor in Traffic wore a Bvlgari-Bvlgari watch in stainless steel and
BvIgari-Bvlgari onyx cufflinks.
That prophet of Vibration ... Sting, Nominee for Best Original Song,
also staying
in time wore the Rettangalo watch with a black crocodile skin strap. Chloe Sevigny,
2000 Oscar nominee out on the town attending after parties -stacked- Signature bracelets from
the Bvlgari Spiga and Celtaura collection.
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Year 2001

Music coming through:
Live From Mars
Virgin Records
Ben Harper
Totally Cool

MT. OLYMPUS - And The Gods Have Spoken. (Have recorded.) In The "Chatter Box." Keep an
ear out.
The famed DS - 3000 Digital mini Tape recorder has Arrived ! Look for it. Like the Gods
Their day would come. History preserved. The OLYMPUS DS - 3000 is light as a feather, it
can hold up to 22 1/2 hours of voice recorded with the optional 64mb Smart Media Card, and it will
transfer what is said "verbatim" via a USB port. That is not all. Then you can bring it to a text file
format and print it out. Think about it. The Way It Is. Now the Liars
really have what to be afraid of:
Their WORDS ! And The Word written. To get a better sense of this incredible power, in Breaking
we see: " I Hear Voices" more. Some people have a ton of good things to say.

Starry Nights
Do Remember. It's Going To Get Very
HOT Soon - The Mosquitos will be
coming and also with their Deadly
New York "West Nile Virus." Pass
The Word. Look Alive !

The Mosquito Prevention Info - all you
need to know -
is in The Totally Cool
Archive at www.TotallyCool.net ( the
"Mosquitos Expose"
). And don't get
Bit ! Get Educated. Help the people
you love. Real truth and heartfelt
knowledge will save you and those
around you over Time and Time again.

At the New York Open Center Gallery, 83 Spring Street in Manhattan between Broadway and
Lafayette Street, through May 4, 2001 ... Samantha Stephenson shows her Paintings "Vision -
Dreams - Imaginings" based on meditation, day and night dreams, and what is from the reaches
of inside. A what to know about. Soho is culture.

Les Chiens de la Chapelle
1953 by Robert Doisneau

If you are ... In That L.A. State Of Mind and doing the "rolling blackout thing" then roll on over to
The Latin Lounge and blackout (but please do make sure someone else is driving. You would
find it hard to see if it were that all the lights were out ... (well, at least hard to see in this World.
Never mind.) It's Party Time ! ! ! In L.A., every Tuesday night The
LATIN Lounge has been
a packed house with celebrities too numerous to mention. Those who have been to Industry
TUESDAY are the ones who know. As a blurb - accomplished actor Joey Gian, from such
top TV series as, "Knots Landing", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Hooperman" and now known as
the incredible new voice from MGM's hit film "Return To Me", starring Minnie Driver and
David Duchovny began his Spring in the New Year with a return Lounge performance. Recently
he opened up for Ray Charles and performed at a private party in Las Vegas for Celine Dion.
Natural History - Out of This World. That's right, do something that is out of this World. Grab a
Friend and stop by one of the most Far Out Places on this Planet. A Stellar evening of Live Jazz,
delicious tapas, and Drinks.
"Starry Nights - Under The Sphere" at The Rose Center for Earth and
Space. Yes believe or not. It is the American Museum of Natural History that will be your Host.
"Starry Night" entrance is on 81st Street (just off Central Park West) New York City. Look --
for the Big White Sphere - in The City of The World. This event occurs: every Friday Night from 6
- 8 p.m. The Music is Free ! Suggested Museum admission. For more info: 212 769 5100 or

march into April ... Year 2001. And onward --

L.A., stars sparkled with jewels from that contemporary Italian Gem Artist Bvlgari.
And the one-of-a-kind pieces from the Bvlgari International and the Private Collection were seen
for the first time in the United States. At this year's Oscars even that cutie
Halle Berry carried her
weight in gems, figuratively speaking of course. All an indication of BvIgari's growing popularity.

Photo by Nancy Brown
Michelle Yeoh - Presenter (and star of Oscar nominated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) wore
the $1.6 million canary diamond bracelet with canary and white diamond drop earrings - signature
yellow gold Spiga snake bracelets in yellow gold with pave diamonds -- and a diamond solitaire
ring. Talk about sparkle !

Also to Promote Awareness and combat Complacency in the Fight Against AIDS as a co-operative
effort with Bvlgari -- AmFAR ( the American Foundation for AIDS Research) produced a limited
number of new A.I.D.S. ribbons especially for the motion picture industry's 73rd 2001 Academy
Awards and Oscar
celebration. Designed and donated by Bvlgari these new 18kt yellow gold and
red enamel pins were worn by (to name a few)
Chad Lowe, Ang Lee, Bob Weinstein, Doug Wick,
Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Weinstein, Javier Bardem. John Calley, Joaquin Phoenix, Juliette Binoche,
Marcia Gay Harden, and Morgan Freeman. Keeping The Faith.

VIRUS ALERT ! ! ! Received communique. FORWARD ! ... This was sent to us via Alaska Airlines.
Spoke with the supervisor who sent it and it appears to be true. "There are 2 URL's you may want
to check out. Anyway it is something to flag if it comes in. This is not a Joke. A new virus has just
been discovered that has been classified by Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) and by -- McAfee
(www.mcafee.com http://www.mcafee.com) as the most destructive ever." The virus discovered
by McAfee came with a warning: no vaccine has yet been developed. This virus simply destroys
Sector Zero from the hard disk -- where vital information for its functioning are stored. This virus
acts in the following manner: It sends itself automatically to all contacts on your list with the title
"A Virtual Card for You."

As soon as the supposed virtual card is opened, the computer freezes so that the user has to
reboot. When the ctrl+alt+del keys or the reset button are pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero,
thus permanently destroying the hard disk. In just a few hours this virus caused panic in New York.
According to News broadcasts by CNN (www.cnn.com). This alert was received by an employee of
Microsoft itself. So don't open any mails with subject "A Virtual Card for You." As soon as you get
the mail, delete it. Pass this on to all your friends. And send it to everyone in your address book.
We would all rather receive this message -- instead of not being able get any messages at all.

Also ... Intel announced that another very destructive virus was discovered. If you receive an
email called "An Internet Flower For You", do not open it. Delete it right away ! This virus removes
all dynamic link libraries (.dll files) from your computer. Your computer will not be able to boot up.
those that hook us up and are In The Loop - you all know who you are ... we appreciated it ! Brian,
Chris, and Jean: input input ! Thanks. No ... Short Circuit. "No disassemble."

MacAfrica and DK present "Industry Night" (the Only Industry Night)
on Tuesday at The 'in' Latin Lounge. New York "DJ Bugsy" spins
the night away. And as we do Spring 2001, at the Lounge -- your
Hostess will be Natalie Du Bois. Maybe have dinner with the same
chef as Asia de Cuba rave reviews.
The Latin Lounge is at 9077
Santa Monica Blvd., between Doheny & Robertson, just east of
Doheny. To make dinner reservations or be placed on Mac
cover !) Comp guest list RSVP: macafrica1@earthlink.net - To get
on Mac's guest list they request that you please specify how many
women and men guests. See you on the dance floor. Event
Producer ... P.O. Box 18784 Encino, California 91416.

I'm hangin' on
for Bear Life
here !

cover photo by Jessie Cohen
If you can record what is
happening -- Take the recorder.
For example.
Who Is To Say The Universe Is Not Recording what you do, everything you
do - everything we all do ??? Well the technology for these little babies
came through those who did come from The Universe.

Imagine. The Universe being able to record what happens in Life. Why Not ?
Because some thinks it not ? Where did the idea for the digital recorder come
from ? It was a thought. But where did it really come from ??? Expect some
will say: The Universe does not think either.

So where did this digital recorder come from ? Olympus - And The Gods
Have Spoken. "Test Test Testing. 1, 2, 1,2 ... testing. Did it record ?
I hear voices."
The Smithsonian Magazine April 2001 issue (front cover) is having a Deja Vu and to Bear with it.
The Pandas Are Taking Over The National Zoo By Storm. Hang In There.

The New York "Staley - Wise Gallery" through April 21 - year 2001 - presents Photographic
Works of
Robert Doisneau - Another something definitely worth seeing ! Robert is ... "the"
photographer who shot that very famous (cir. 1900's) picture of
The Sailor Kissing The Girl
on " V-Day " in Times Square, N.Y.C. - (" V - Day ." You know, the day World War II "officially"
ends, more or less. )

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