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- Always Good News All The Time -

Music coming through:
2001: a space odyssey
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Turner Enterainment
Year 2001
- Summer Recess -

Go shopping. Buy a child a
gift. Or buy yourself a Gift.

Look In The Mirror
and Smile. Call it.

A Spiritual Observance.
Come on. Hook me up !
Let's see the shows
man. I'm wearing a
Gene Meyer tie.
Right Angle
photos by
Ian Jerolmack
photo of Him by Cheryl Gorski
BE ADVISED. Even Though Fashion Is The Presentation
Do Bare In Mind Sometimes There Is Little Being Worn.
Fashion Photo Gallery Is Rated PG ... 13 years or older.
Parents Be Advised. If you think 13 is too young to be
looking at bare breasts get over it. Kids have been looking
at their Moms since birth. Get the picture.
Totally Cool

Blurbs Feb. 14 ...
on onward
Ling on Phone backstage at Girbaud
photo credits:
Ling backstage at Girbaud
Steven Tyler at Betsey Johnson
Laurie S. Schechter

photos by
R. Renda
Laura Joplin
Shawn Ehlers
Summer Recess ...
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