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Year 2001
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A Sneak Peek - In The Chatter Box
More fun facts about Allure ... Touring with the release of their first album, self titled
"Allure", the opening act was N'Sync. The girls like to be themselves. And they like
being in the general public with everyone else. One of their hobbies is collecting stuffed
animals. Ty Beanie Babies are a big favorite. Some of the most memorable times: playing
at The 1998 Jingle Ball (Celine Dion opened) and (a lion sleeps tonight) also watching
N'Sync doing a Bee Gees cover. Allure's upcoming 2nd album is really about Love, but
from a sense of more mature experiences. Only one thing to say -- Keep Looking. Keep
Looking Good. You know ... Keep Looking Totally Cool !
Stay Tunes ! ! ! We will
keep you posted.

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Totally Cool Takes You There: "Plugged In" with ALLURE
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Sound levels

Capturing Peak level
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Peak level - catching the
meter in mid action

Perfect Harmony
Perfect Balance
You Are There
Putting It All Together !
Music Credit::
MCA Records
photos by
Totally Cool
Music Credit::
MCA Records
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