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Year 2001

Totally Cool

Onward --

A Sneak Peek - In The Chatter Box

Totally Cool told you "Allure" - that all girl musical Talent - has got it going on. Well the
Blurb is they are cutting an album due out Summer 2001 ... with a single to be released for
Spring. You have to give it up for these Ladies. They are all - 4 - homegrown New York
City Girls. Smart, Friendly, Street Wise, Grounded, and wrought with the experiences that
come with growing up. Like we said these are not babies, they are the Ladies. (Although
some of the men probably wish they were their babies ... never mind.) It is about life, love,
family, and friends that define the world that
Allure is close to. But most of all they are Fun.
They like to laugh and they care where they come from. As far as where they are going ...
that they have down. The Word is: Forward. And "considerate" of everyone around them
is their focus. Also, in the Chatter Box some might even say that, as far as what direction
they are going, the Allure girls were seen with one of the most credible Public Relations
firms in New York City, Rogers & Cowan. And who knows ... some say they are talking.

As a Tid Bit, that GirlTalk TV Show "The View" (it be said) -- is "scheduled to shoot" the Male
counterpart version Summer of 2001, with NBC eyeing it for Fall. The Male version is called
"The Other Half." Funny. (Well, the Men are the other half.)

Back to the Ladies. Some Fun Facts on "Allure" ... hair is a big thing. I mean here is
a Big thing. The Ladies of Allure like to do their own hair. The do has to be perfection, with
certain attitude. And the girls like to Brainstorm together. Their songs are original songs.
But if a cover inspired them they are open to creativity. These women go the extra
distance of: you get what you hear. In the manner -- they prefer to sound as Live on Stage
as they do in The Studio. Something about being "real." Their likes in music is anything
from Metallica to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. From what is contemporary to the old and
what may be even unknown. This is what is ALLURE. -- Some of the finest Ladies the
Universe can offer. That is Allure. As we say ... just listen.

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