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Year 2001

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Totally Cool

The Pepsi Person
"Pepsi Art"
by Richard david Renda
Fun Photo
" The Official Editorial Authority "
This picture came with a caption, a write-up so to speak.
Hey -- ain't you guys
at The Wrong Show ?
Oh, this is the Fashion
Shows ?! ! Sorry. We
thought this was The
Dog Show. You know,
The Westminster Show
at The Garden. Sorry.
Wrong Show.
BE TOTALLY COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Please note: none of the above paragraph is in
"quotes." Thank you.)
We Knew It Couldn't Last !
Totally Cool by Cheryl Gorski.
NY 1 - Gigi Stone by Bettina Cirone.
"An Action Figure In
Action." Richard Renda
Totally Cool with his
Stylist's eye at work.
Sweeping "The Runway"
at WWF (World Wrestling
Federation) Restaurant
in Times Square, New
York City -- pre The
Anand Jon showing of
the Fall 2001 / Winter
2002 Fashion Collection
(Feb. 2001)

photo by Bettina Cirone.
It appears that Mr. Cool's alter ego ... a/k/a
Mr. Renda ... managed to show up for a short
time early during the men's portion of the Fall
2001 Shows at Bryant Park. When asked why
Mr. Renda's appearance was so formal at this
time -- and should we expect this as a sign of a
more reformed attitude toward the elements of
fashion week ??? Mr. Renda's reply was none
other than: it is good to see everyone (chatter) ...
and, it's way too early to let me TOTALLY be
me ... besides I know that I'm beautiful, I don't
always have to whore myself to feel good.
Flattery will get you everywhere ...

Mike Piazza - New York Mets
"Catcher" at Kenneth Cole.
Kevin Bacon at Kenneth Cole.
Maria Cuomo Cole.
Gretchen Mol ...

photo credit
The one and only
Bettina Cirone.
Mickey Hansen with Jenna Jamison.
Everyone Loves A Good Hug.

Fun - ness !
Wait a minute
Mike. That guy's a Movie
Star ?? Come on, you can tell
us. We won't tell. I saw Kevin in
Tremors anyway ...you can't fool me.
Is someone losing their skirt.
Maybe it is really about: looking at this
Have you ever seen "Nature's Art."
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