February 15. Blurbs 2001

In The Chatter Box ... J R -- (that cute little Champion Bichon Frise owned by Cecelia Ruggles,
E. McDonald, and F. Werneck) is the winner of The 125th American Kennel Club Westminster Dog
Show held for many years in February at Madison Square Garden, New York City. Looking at the
video tape or being there you can see: that dog knows he is a Winner. Those front paws are
flying ! But when he had to become composed for the photo ops he posed like a runway model.

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Year 2001

FEBRUARY 14th ... (Happy Valentine's Day)

Ivy SuperSonic - New York City's Leading Feathered Hat Designer of Fancies and Franco
American Novelity (Glendale, N.Y.) a gift and wig maker that supplies Specialty Stores like
"Party Time" and "Spencer Gifts" begin Ivy's Millennium line of hats for a costume occasion.
Fun, Whimsical, and Weird ! The Hat line is called "Somebody."

S'coolgirlz (Schoolgirls !) - No they are not just the schoolgirls - they are the S'coolgirlz of today -
they are the Prophets of Vibrations and what is the Future.
That's 5 ladies. The S'coolgirlz", a
hot young female vocal group made an appearance at New York Fashion Week February 2001 with
a "live" performance on the Sephora runway. Their first Single makes the debut Springtime 2001
with an album that follows on Curb Records. They are sweet and spunky with a lot of voice. From
California three of the girls are 14 years old and two are 15 years old. They are the inspiration
behind famed Make-up Artist Vincent Longo's "Flowers Eye Shadow Trio Collection." The
album is produced by a man who knows his music, Michael Desmond. Stay tuned ... always.

Music coming through:
The Day He Didn't Die
The Mighty Mighty BossTones
Pay Attention
on Island Records
Totally Cool
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Stolen: 1998.
Returned ... Stay tuned !)

Kristine W. on the pop. Her album " Stronger " is on the RCA Record label. A Real Lady.
The Future is in The Hands of Womanhood. Just Listen.

Marcus (Schenkenberg) -- the hunk of a Model commanding the 1990's runway and also a
famous spokesperson for P.E.T.A. had his "LEATHER" work shoes rubbed by Totally Cool
during Fashion Week 2001 as they talked on certain issues. Why were they being rubbed.
The Cool was confirming in fact: they were absolutely leather ! An animal. What Marcus had
to say, " I drink milk too."

No Apology - Still the person who manhandled The Cool has not apologized. Little people can
be taught BIG LESSONS. What does that mean ? Since it was written here "without an apology"
now one will and would never be accepted. At this point it must come in writing. Although, there
are other ways of getting what you want. If someone were smart they would find The Pen and
write an apology fast. Much less costly.

Newsweek Magazine - Now for credibility. So many people think they know what is going on and
what Life is about. So here a "point" will be made. The "point" is
who really knows what they
are talking about. Let's try "an example." In The 11th Hour of the last Millennium (November
1, 1999 issue), The American based Magazine Newsweek did a cover story called "Prophecy",
"What The Bible Says About The End Of The World." It was an excellent expose' with many good
foundations of information, except for one thing. The root of the Future is found in the Book
of Revelation, as they noted. Which is written in The Holy Bible. The Old Testament, The New
Testament, and Book of Revelation. So Newsweek in telling their tale spoke of "The Antichrist"
and credits the source being the Book of Revelation. Most people might think that is true.
"The Antichrist" comes from "Book of Revelation." In fact, that is a TV Myth -- aside from a false
teaching by those who would look to misguide you. By no means do we think that Newsweek
would misguide its public. Religious leaders do that. In general, honest journalists do not.

They, Newsweek- were like everyone else is: just mistaken. The Fact Is the Book of Revelation
NEVER mentions the word "antichrist", not even once. The truth is the term "antichrist" is
from the First Epistle General of John (2:18) It is said: "Little children ... as ye have heard that
antichrist shall come, even now there are many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last
time." And there it is. That is where and how the term "antichrist" is used, officially, "Antichrist."
"Many antichrists." You learn something new everyday. The last paragraph of the Newsweek
expose' did sum it up correctly. They just did not get the characters right. What do they know ?
The War between the good and the bad, the Prophets and the Evil is summed up not in "the
battle between Christ and Antichrist" as Newsweek quoted. But factually, according to the Book
of Revelation it is the battle between "King of Kings" and "The Beast", "the False Prophet" and
"their armies." In John, Jesus says he is "Prince of Kings" (John 16: 7-14). NEVER does he say:
he is "King of Kings." "King of Kings" is from Revelation 19. No where else. Oh, is the world
coming to an end. Yes it is. An end to the lies, the corruption, and the shallow thinking that this
is all there is to Life. Mother Nature is biting back (if you hadn't noticed). People will wake up
and realize they will never die. Alive means "Alive." Forever. Someone once said "the first thing
you learn after your last breath is that you are still alive." No. That is not true either. "The first
thing you learn after your last breath is that you ... learn." This is A New Earth. Oh, Newsweek
knows. As they were advised long ago. No problem. They'll get it right next time. Totally Cool

Steven Tyler
And onward --
Anne Heche, well known Hollywood Film Actress (Wag The Dog,
Seven Days Six Nights) and madly publicized
girlfriend of
Comedian Ellen DeGeneres was at the Michael Kors Fashion
Show with her boyfriend Valentine's Day 2001. What's the blurb ?
This is the first runway show she had ever been to ! Now that's

Speaking about the runway, a P.E.T.A. terrrorist appeared inside The Tents on Valentine's Day at
The Michael Kors Worldwide 2001 Fashion Show held in New York City , but God did not smile on
that one kindly in this time, as quickly it came it went. The terrorist was like a Spot gently removed
- mouth covered - and not a sound was heard. Life did not want the P.E.T.A. terrorist there so as
it be: few knew this happened. Maybe "P.E.T." "a" ... should go chase their "peeter" ? Never
mind. To the Guardians In Black: Great Job Men ! Now you know the real meaning of "Success."

Marcus Schenkenberg
photo: Laurie Schechter
on the Panasonic PV - SD 5000
digital 3.3 mega pixel camera
"Prophecy" expose'
9 pages.
February 16th Blurb

That well known seasoned Runway Model "Brynja" has a line of jewelry that appeared in the
Alonzo "Ice & fire" Fashion Show yesterday. Something for the soul to wear. The Brynja Jewelry
line is called "Embracing Faith." The Jewelry combines the symbols of 20 different faiths and can
be seen or purchased at Paul Smith fashion vortex store in New York City -- Each "Limited" piece
is numbered. Brynja.com

And we would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to Mother Nature and the Powers of The
Universe for gracing all of those at Fashion Week New York City February 2001 with that sudden
turn of Wonderful Weather -- Winter turned to 50 degrees. Upon request. Thank you. Did
everybody have a nice time ??? Yeah, well don't you forget to say "Thank you God" for the
weather. Weather you believe in God or not. Life smiled on you all in a big way.

Always more coming ...
Be Well.

" Brynja Cuff "
photo by
Ari Magg
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