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Year 2001

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And onward --
FEBRUARY 22. Year 2001.

Totally Cool (Mr. Richard david Renda) invited a fresh new Talent, a New York City girl named
Kimberly, to appear with Him on Manhattan's Time Warner Cable Television Thursday in the 5:30
channel 34 time slot to do a 2001 episode of "Totally Cool
Takes You There: On The Fashion
Front" (originally created in 1994). The co-host, Kimberly was raw and real. Her delivery was in
the same vein as if Mr. Cool was making the presentation Himself. In short, that meant one thing.
It was a lot of fun ! Who is this girl ???? We look forward to seeing what Kimberly does next.

In The "Chatter Box" The Word has it Uma Thurman, that Poison Ivy foe of Batman, has been
sporting around a "Woman's" Fedora - a Patricia Underwood Fedora. Patricia, a 7th Avenue Hat
Designer, based in the Big Gotham New York City is one of the very best Hat makers in the World.

Hugo Boss opened a Soho Store, in New York City (132 Greene Street between Houston and
Prince). It is called
"The HUGO Shop." FYI

Baby Jane Dexter, that famed Cabaret Singer and winner of many awards (including 4 times The
Manhattan Association of Cabarets), with that very talented piano player / musical director Ross
Patterson makes an appearance for a " 9 performance Encore"
at the FireBird Cafe in the Times
Square Theatre district
March 2001. Intimate. And definitely: In High Demand. Ms. Baby Jane
Dexter sings the title song in the feature documentary "If I Could" narrated by Sally Field. Film
debut in L.A. -- March 21, year 2001.

Target Department Stores begins featuring Spring 2001 a full line of Clothingwear from a chic

Jockey Underwear Launches their new line (March 8th). The "Jockey No Panty Line Promise"
collection. As a tid bit. Jockey underwear - who in fact
(1935), invented: " the Brief ", is in
2001 Celebrating 125 Years. Happy Birthday Jockey ! ! !

Now this is "Ironic." Regina Kravitz - who has a claim to fame (as having created "The Jumpsuit",
late 1970's early 80's), is now for the New Millennium designing a line of upscale women's
neck shirts and tops in stores across America Summer 2001. Little crystals, roses, lightning
bolts, and even some 3 dimensional.

A BIG "Thank You" to PANASONIC for helping us preserve some of the
precious moments of Fashion Week - New York City - February 2001 and
to help show it to those who would like to see. The point and shoot
Digital Video Camera PV-DV 200D that also shoots stills is a good budget
buy and is a great tool for on the go. Easy for to use, with few problems.
The 3.3 mega pixel Pavasonic PV - SD 5000 still camera has a response
time to be considered but other than that - a great savings in Film costs
for all photographers around the world. Not bad Panasonic, not bad !
** The on page moments by Richard Renda Totally Cool shot on a
Sony Digital.

" Ironic " Tops
and Shirts
Craig Boren.
Remote Control
photo by **
Totally Cool
photos by **
Totally Cool
Kimberly at Zang Toi 2001
Ross Patterson and Baby Jane
Dexter - " Big, Bad, and Blue "
Regina Kravitz at
The Fashion Coterie
Macy's in Herald Square.
34th Street - New York City -
March 8th is the Revelation.
The launch ... and first live
appearance of The Masked Super
Heroine as she Cruises in (her
Supermobile) to demonstrate the
awesome powers of the Jockey
"no panty line" collection - pure
Synthetic * (made of Tactel
and Lycra ).

* That should make the animal
activists happy. Hummm.
There is an extremely
Special Story about this
shirt. The paranormal
captured on video.

Forever preserved.
A something to think

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