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Totally Cool
The Magazine
Richard Renda
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The Music Credit:
Veni Redemptor Gentium
Paul Schwartz
Windham Hills Records

We have traveled across the lands.

In The Wild

To find the meaning of Life.
Traveling around New Mexico. Maybe
the Colorado and Texas borders.
The journey always continues.
If not in one place then another.
Not maybe ... definitely
We would like to
take a moment to
say -thank you- to
Annette and Cliff
Fry for taking us
around the World.
In a backyard.
It's the state of a
Fair. And the Future
should remain.

At left: The Golden
At right: The Bald

A closer view
What ? Whooo -- This is the Barn Owl.
photo by Cliff Fry
photo by Annette Fry
All rights reserved.
The hound, that's "Kipper"
on The Rio Grande
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