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Richard Renda
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In A Maserati
by Eric Striffler

This is a very special insider
look. If you happen to be
at the Library and see the
front cover of the magazine
"Elite Traveler" September
/ October 2002 Issue - the
Hard Copy was printed in
black and white. This is it:
in color. As we ride on into
the Sunset, we would like
to wish the Elite Traveler all
the best on their adventure.
Photographer: Eric Striffler
Model: Jojanne/Q Models
Fashion Stylist: Laurie Schechter
Hair: Denese Daniel
Makeup: Timothy Fischetti
Mink coat by Prada. 18k White Gold set with White and Natural Cognac Diamonds bracelet, ring,
and Quatrefoil earrings, all by Zydo. Photographer: Eric Striffler -; Fashion
Stylist: Laurie Schechter for Stylists & Company; Model: Jojanne, Q Model Management;
Hair: Denese Daniel. Makeup: Timothy Fischetti. Maserati courtesy of Maserati of Long Island.

Mink coat by Prada. 18k White Gold set with
white and natural Cognac Diamonds bracelet,
ring, and Quatrefoil earrings -- all by Zydo.
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