Human beings are important to Nature and the Planet. Why ? Because of what they are. Without
the human being there would be no documentation. No one would know that Nature exist. What
are human beings ? They are the memory. Without human beings Nature would have no memory.
Well, at least no proof of it. Elements of science are always at hand. And in control. The sercet is
The MagaZine
Section 1:
On Track. In The Promised Land. Planet Earth.
Photograph by Annette Fry

Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Stay Tuned. On the road
of what you will find ...
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
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On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait -- and Adjust
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A Magazine Alive
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Arista Records

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The Magazine
Another Window in Space. A View that may be looking out into the peaks of some Swiss Alps or --
just out into the sky. Daydreaming. Drawing imaginary characters with white clouds that drift on by.
Here Nature is being what it really is, without the need of anyone's consent -- nor does it pretend to
ask that consent granted from anybody. It is busy being Free. Recognizing the truths that belong
to us all. Nature is first and foremost. One day you have to pick up a handful of dirt. Then, open
your hand and let the dirt fall in between your fingers. You can do it in any Country. While it falls
in between your fingers think about the feel of it and what You feel ... and how you feel when you
walk away. After that you know. The meaning of Your Land. All around the World. Planet Earth.
How does it feel.
Your Land ...
Your Country,
Your Future.
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