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Yoga. circ.1973 ... Portals of Time. In Lands of Enchantment.
Photographer -- Howard E. Hebble

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The Magazine
The second part of this story,
a point of view, is somewhat
about your roots. The who
you are, moreso: where
things that are in you
may come from. An
example of how
Life works.

Portal of
Time ...
In Lands of
For many years we have been honored to feature the works of photographer David Hebble. We
have featured travels all around the World, from New York to California to Thailand to Miami. We
have featured people, places, and things, photo impressions, and runway. We even featured a
black and white Series of a Yoga Master (Summer 2002). Then David's family surfaced with a
box of photos (35mm slides) taken by his Grandfather Howard E. Hebble. When we heard about
the picture of the man playing the flute in front of the live Cobra we had to see them. Funny that
we just featured a Yoga story by David Hebble and then these yoga pics are in a collection that:
just appeared. They were shot by David's Grandfather, decades ago, unbeknownst to David. On
the surface we see a real yoga position from India. What it also shows is: "what is in you comes
from somewhere" ... Your History. It is all about getting to know your "self" and the World around
you. You might say David's "talent is in his blood", has been in the family for a long time. And
inside you, there are many talents also ... to be -- discovered.
India, circa. 1973
Photo by
Howard E Hebble

"Destiny Is Not
Just A Word In
The Dictionary."

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